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UN Promotes Bug Eating

foxbugs-edible-water-bugs.jpgUh, yum.

Thanks to FoxNews for that tidbit. Fortunately, I have the market cornered on bug-eating, commercial-scale.

Imagine if you will, constant reader and beloved customer, a product that fits all the basic needs, where no part of the animal is wasted, using free-range cockroaches (humane and free)… cocktails-brochure.pdf

– LK

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Here’s an appetizer for a Barak White House (that you never ordered)…

AIM Says Media Cover-Up Obama’s Socialist-Oriented Global Tax Bill

Press Release | February 13, 2008
WASHINGTON, February 13, 2008 — Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid disclosed today that a hugely expensive bill called the “Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Democratic Senator Barack Obama, was quickly passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday and could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States. Kincaid said that the major media’s cover-up of the bill, which makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations, demonstrates the media’s desire to see Senator Obama elected to the presidency.

In a column posted on the AIM web site, Kincaid noted that Senator Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was trying to rush Obama’s “Global Poverty Act” (S. 2433) through his committee without hearings. The legislation would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal 13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends. It was scheduled for a Thursday vote but was moved up a day, to Wednesday, and rushed through by voice vote. Kincaid learned, however, that conservative Senators have now put a “hold” on the legislation, in order to prevent it from being rushed to the floor for a full Senate vote.

The House version (H.R. 1302) was suddenly brought up on the House floor last September 25 and was passed by voice vote. House Republicans were caught off-guard, unaware that the pro-U.N. measure committed the U.S. to spending hundreds of billions of dollars. Kincaid’s column notes that the official in charge of making nations comply with the U.N. Millennium Goals, which are prominently highlighted in the Obama bill, says a global tax will be necessary to force American taxpayers to provide the money.

Credit to Accuracy In Media Article

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You’re not going to find it. Precious little evidence… Not with headlines like”January yields debt for HRC, cash for Obama” Does seeing how Hilary spends into the hole with a presidential election make you feel good about how she’d do as President?

[politico.com] Hillary Rodham Clinton ended January with $7.6 million in debt — not including the $5 million personal loan she gave to her campaign in the run-up to the critical Super Tuesday elections, according to financial reports released Wednesday.

I. Don’t. Think. So.

With plans to spend amounts nearing the trillions of dollars outside of the US in an “I can buy us friends with this kind of taxpayer dollars!!!” kind of Pollyanna-ism from Obama. The idea that if you give money to people they will be your friends is a self-delusional conceit that isn’t restricted to one party (refer to G.W. Bush), but this is getting ridiculous. Used to be you’d run for President based on what you can do for the country, not what this country can do for the world.

Obama, Hagel, Cantwell Introduce Bill to Fight Global Poverty

There can be only one response to out of control politicians!


– LK

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Tonight was a lunar eclipse. What happens is described here: American Sinstitute of Physics Explanation … so I won’t go into it.

What’s cool about it is the “sunset effect” where the moon sees the same kind of reddened sky that we see when the sun is setting. But, rather than a chord through one hemisphere at low angle, the moon saw it through a chord across two hemispheres – I wonder what it looks like (yeah, I know.. red).

The question I have is, would an astronaut on the moon have a chance of seeing a green flash? I’ll be asking around – if you know the answer just shout it right out!

– LK

52487119greenflash_512.jpg click on it for the larger image

credits for this picture:

The Green Flash – Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon

(George does BEAUTIFUL pictures – go check them out)
Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel ,Canon EF 70-210mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
1/250s f/5.6 at 210.0mm iso100

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Flea! Run for your lives! FLEAS!

Now, perhaps I’m being cold and insensitive here, but in this day and age, is a swarm of fleas bigger news than Sudan/Darfur, the election circus, economic woes, or even the size of J-Lo’s ass?

We could debate on any one of those, but do you see my point? A slow news day for some…

Flea, Fly, ho hum…

But, if we suddenly have a case of the Black Death pop up – well then we’ll have an issue, won’t we?

– LK

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Mike Baker over at Fox News had a great editorial on whether treating terrorists harshly should be avoided because it will make us like them.


Worth a read. More tonight. I think the answer is a really strong NO.

Oh, wait, I have another link. Bummer Dude The conversation probably went something like this (one sided as the cops just stare at the idiot in front of them):

Like, dude.. hold on I gotta pay for this pizza… … … ok, it’s like, dude, we thought those were tomato plants, y’know?
What a shock, man. I’m so totally bummed. I’m as surprised as anybody, really.
(sprinkles “oregano” on his pizza)

– LK

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Am I Crazy?

Ok, Steamboat McGoo posted a pic on one of his posts today – Post is called “Velveeta, a Perspective.” LINK

Fat Lady Singing

I asked the question… does she or does she not look like Hilary Clinton?

McGoo, being cautious but firm (this is a good thing)… well, he said that nope, she looks like the fat lady (obviously suspecting that I had fallen victim to a massive stroke).

Me, having OCD, had to verify either his claim that she only looked like the fat lady or whether or not she bore resemblance to Sen. Clinton.

Frankly, I recoiled. God I wish you’d been right McGoo. Forever will I cringe at the sound of the coming of the fat lady and her shrill voice. (click on that there link, below)


– LK

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Well how about it, boys and girls?

  • You get Pro-Choice when it comes to abortions (aka killing children if you’re not one making a “choice”) but damn your everlasting soul if you even THINK about buying an incandescent bulb. So much do we feel so, that we’ll just keep y’all from having a choice… Fight Global Warming (Nuts)

Definition: Granola State – Take away all the nuts and flakes – what have you got? Really, what you have after said subtraction is a handful of people who are barricaded in their homes because they believe in conservative principles and that people ought to be responsible for themselves, not a nanny-state filled to the rafters with smelly, no-account, delusional people wearing hemp. Taxonomically: Hippie Campus Freeloaderus. When weighing the Granola State against the Socialist State a sparrow could starve on the difference.

  • Excuse me sir, may I see your permit to smoke…? Great Britain Smokes, But Not Cigarettes Don’t laugh – I’m not a fan of smoking but it’s a free country and guess what – this attitude is coming to the US. It’ll never be outlawed but they’ll tax the hell out of it and hope to hell that nobody quits because it is a self-righteous way to rake in more tax money.

As soon as I make the next statement someone will say some BS along the lines of “Well, I saw one better at… blah blah blah.” Save us both the hassle, if you think you’re going to say it, just go away. Ok, now I’m going to say it…

  • I’ve never seen a wrestling move like this. Wow. Over on “Absolute Moral Authority” Wicked Wrestling Move I imagine, once hit with this one, you end up pinned and saying “HUH? What the HELL? What is going ON HERE?!?”

This picture came with a warning in a friend’s e:mail. Thank God for friends… “Hershey’s Chocolate Can Cause Small Feet!” Evil Stuff, that Chocolate…

Lastly, for this post I wanted to plop down a link thrown out there by Steamboat McGoo over at Aardvarks and Asshats. You need to go to his site and watch that video with the oh-so-peace-lovin’ wabbits – it is SO peaceful at the end. And those wabbits worked hard for it. Go here.

New addition/edit to this post – inspired by McGoo, I’m embedding one of my favorite videos, “Ah, L’amore”

Now go rustle some feathers. Scare a lib today.

– LK

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Pajama momma and Steamboat were kind enough to suggest migrating to B&W. I kind of like it. Its tough taking something down to 25% and then resisting the urge to blow it up 4x when viewing it. Looks like the backside of the moon.

Click on the thumbnail to see the image in real-scale…

lemurati-normal-bw-021508.jpg Normal size

lemurati-2xnormal-bw-021508.jpg 2x Size

lemurati-050xnormal-021508.jpg Half size

lemurati-025xnormal-021508.jpg Quarter size

So all in all, thanks guys! I like it better in B&W, which isn’t an easy direction for me to take considering that in raytracing (a hobby of mine) you usually are shooting for color because the eye can detect the high dynamic range where in B&W you are limited to about 64 levels.

Much appreciated. Can I do something in return? Need a car washed?

Next project: GIMP an actual photo of a lemur for that old-photograph roaring 20’s look.

– LK

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Novus Ordo Lemurati!

Take a gander at a new logo I cooked up tonight. Was looking at Masonic logos and the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” thing. Got right down to it and folks put so gosh-darned much work into cryptic obfuscation I thought “Oh to hell with it – go for what feels right.”  Click on thumbnail for the bigger pic.


Borrowed some elements, added two not-so-subtle nods towards the old school approach, mixed in a pinch of Lemur, stirred the concoction with some fontage, and wrapped it around with the tail of … crap… I had it in my head what I wanted to say and just lost it. It would have been clever, too. Oh well. That’s what happens when you have to take enough painkillers to actually be of any use.

– LK

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Lots of ugly pics on the trail lately… Here’s one of Sen. Clinton just before she unhinges her jaw to swallow a Fox News reporter whole. If you dare, click on the smaller pics to get the larger view – people who do this sort of thing are usually eaters of Red Savina and Jolokia peppers, i.e., chiliheads and/or not an ounce of brains (yours truly included).


Some more… isn’t it great that in this day and age we can freeze-frame people and laugh or cringe for years later?


Another one, the pimped-out daughter of Sen. Clinton – Chelsea… apparently she has just filed her teeth to chisel points using the scary-sharp method. She looks hungry to me. Doesn’t she look hungry folks? Granted, she’s a liberal, but doesn’t she seem extra-extra dangerous? She’s got the “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” aura about her.


Perhaps this was during one of those “We’ll Pay You to Vote for Us” moments.

Ok, back to work.

– LK

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UPDATE 11/11/08:  Apparently President Elect Obama cannot still his tongue either.


Read the AP article below…

1) How likely is the purpose of this to amaze/shock/awe our Chinese/Russian/Iranian/DPRK friends?
2) In WWII, did we have nearly as many “anonymous sources”, or is this a nice by-product attitude of the Boomer generation?


My point is, where are all these loose lips coming from? They are either “leaked” on purpose (information control… those who control information control the situation) or we have a whole generation of traitors with a complete lack of self-discipline.

One argument about purposeful leaking… there would be no need to do it given that they were going to make an announcement later in the day. More likely it was someone who wanted to feel cool by being “the one to break the news”. This is the worst kind of snake. Really, the only thing lower than this kind of person is a rat with syphilis. They may not intentionally rise to the level of this piece of trash a-ames.jpg … but they might do the same kind of damage as the Law of Unintended Consequences kicks in.
– LK


US: Broken Satellite Will Be Shot Down

Feb 14 12:08 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Pentagon is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite expected to hit the Earth in early March, The Associated Press has learned.U.S. officials said Thursday that the option preferred by the Bush administration will be to fire a missile from a U.S. Navy cruiser, and shoot down the satellite before it enters Earth’s atmosphere.The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the options will not be publicly discussed until a later Pentagon briefing.The disabled satellite is expected to hit the Earth the first week of March. Officials said the Navy would likely shoot it down before then, using a special missile modified for the task.Other details about the missile and the targeting were not immediately available. But the decision involves several U.S. agencies, including the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Defense and the State Department.Shooting down a satellite is particularly sensitive because of the controversy surrounding China’s anti-satellite test last year, when Beijing shot down one of its defunct weather satellites, drawing immediate criticism from the U.S. and other countries.   THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

WASHINGTON (AP)—U.S. officials say the Pentagon is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite expected to hit the Earth in early March.The Associated Press has learned that the option preferred by the Bush administration will be to fire a missile from a U.S. Navy cruiser, and shoot down the satellite before it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the options will not be publicly discussed until a Pentagon briefing later Thursday.

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Posted on FoxNews (see below)… My God, you mean, depositing your meth in ATM’s is illegal? You mean it’s not protected like a visit to you safe-deposit box? Utterly astonishing.

That sort of “deposit” could lead to other problems. Imagine if you went to the teller and they kept counting your money over and over and over while chittering like a squirrel. Might be a tad suspicious.

Bremerton isn’t exactly the lowest crime area but there are some nice spots not too far away. Plus good seafood and lots of banana slugs (if you’re into that sort of thing).

– LK

Woman Arrested After Depositing Bag of Meth Into ATM

Tuesday , February 12, 2008


A young woman in Bremerton has learned that credit unions don’t accept deposits of methamphetamine.According to documents filed in Kitsap County Superior Court, an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of money and a bag of meth was found in a Kitsap Credit Union automated teller machine.

Checking on the account, police contacted an 18-year-old customer. Officers wrote that she said she might have mistakenly included the bag when she got money out of her pocket for the deposit.

The woman was arrested Thursday and was charged Friday with possession of meth, a felony.

Really, what a surprise… Link here (original)

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