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We’re finally getting some warmer temperatures in the MidWest and the snow is melting a bit – not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned. The last three snowstorms I have spent more energy trying to get the snowblower started that I did when I gave up and shoveled the drive by hand (and it is a big drive).

  • not the gas – the gas is fresh
  • not the plug, new one installed
  • runs if primed or hit with starter fluid
  • plug is gapped and set to 0.030″
  • plug is hot, as evidenced by my sudden loss of bladder control on a test pull with my thumb over the lead

I removed the bowl on the carb and the float does move although it looks a bit varnished – my punishment is all of this for the sin of putting it away for the summer with gas in the tank. However, I shot it with starter fluid (hosed it, really) and no real change. I’ll probably grab some carb cleaner today and soak the thing. Must be one of the channels, needles, or whatnot in there is gummed up.

If that isn’t it, I’m this close >< to pushing the godforsaken thing over the embankment and salting the earth wherever it may have touched. (I take mechanisms personally when they don’t work).

/***********Enter The Politic Zone*******************/

Peggy Noonan had some interesting things to say about Hil if she were to take a backseat to Obama. Noonan Op-Ed

Let’s be perfectly clear: No matter who wins the election, the citizens of the US lose this term. I’m conservative but NOT republican, more of a Federalist (as in the Federalist Papers) kind of guy. I don’t think there is a candidate out there with the possible exception of Ron Paul who understands what James Madison and the others were trying to achieve. And Ron Paul isn’t huggable, not particularly inspirational, and he hasn’t seemed solid to me. I don’t know.

Now, before people get all persnickety, please understand that I voted for Bush, used to like him, now can’t stand him, but he was/is still better than the two alternatives. Not by very freaking much though.

This is shallow, I know, but you want to know what one of my biggest peeves with the guy is? Go, on, take 15 seconds and think it through.

Got it? Bet you don’t.


It’s not the nukes. I have nothing against nukes. A bomb kills people in bad ways. Conventional bombs kill people in bad ways just as nukes do. Dead is dead, burned is burned, dying is dying. The radiation sickness is horrible yes, but so is 3rd degree burns over 80% of your body. Repeat after me: Every bomb is regrettable, but they must sometimes be used to save lives. They are tools.

[Not a huge fan of Iraq War, either but it is necessary, we can get into that later but not today.]

No, my problem is with the Leader of the Free World (erm) who cannot pronounce the word nuclear like it is meant to be said. He sounds like a hick idiot. Geez, fella, have some pride. Sure some guys in the military use that jargon. Great – they can say it and it sound cool. BUSH still sounds like an idiot. I get embarrassed when he does it.

Anyway, enough for now – errands and naps do not do themselves, you know.


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