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… and I said this to my wife in that cringing “please don’t hurt me” tone of voice. Of course I hadn’t shown her the magazine or the picture yet.

Her response was a frosty “Only if I meet her first.”

The woman can put 5 out of 6 shots with a .357 Highwayman into the forehead of a target, so the only thing I could really leave her for is an inanimate object, like so:


Springfield XD Guns and Ammo Review

Said inanimate object would be in the .40 cal range. Features I like:

  • trigger safety and grip safety
  • loaded chamber indicator on the slide
  • simplicity
  • as near as I can tell, it will accept fiberoptic sights (SigSauer has some I was drooling over, here: TruGlo Brite-Site Sight Set

The Sig P229 is a fairly sexy looking handgun as well, and if anyone has handled the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle (AKA Jericho 941) in the .40 S&W please let me know: MRI Baby Eagle


A little update from Michigan:

Damned Global Warming.

It is 7 4 1 0 -1 -3 degrees out, –45 30 mph wind, and our heater control board died (sort of). So every 15 minutes we get up and nudge the digital controller up/down in order to fool the control board on the furnace to light up again. We go from 72 degrees down to 65 in very little time in this kind of weather. Luckily it hasn’t gotten cold yet and you can still wear shorts outside.

Enough for now – Work is calling to me. The sound is unpleasant (like the sound of chewing dusty broken glass) but I must obey.

Cheers –


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