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Posted on FoxNews (see below)… My God, you mean, depositing your meth in ATM’s is illegal? You mean it’s not protected like a visit to you safe-deposit box? Utterly astonishing.

That sort of “deposit” could lead to other problems. Imagine if you went to the teller and they kept counting your money over and over and over while chittering like a squirrel. Might be a tad suspicious.

Bremerton isn’t exactly the lowest crime area but there are some nice spots not too far away. Plus good seafood and lots of banana slugs (if you’re into that sort of thing).

– LK

Woman Arrested After Depositing Bag of Meth Into ATM

Tuesday , February 12, 2008


A young woman in Bremerton has learned that credit unions don’t accept deposits of methamphetamine.According to documents filed in Kitsap County Superior Court, an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of money and a bag of meth was found in a Kitsap Credit Union automated teller machine.

Checking on the account, police contacted an 18-year-old customer. Officers wrote that she said she might have mistakenly included the bag when she got money out of her pocket for the deposit.

The woman was arrested Thursday and was charged Friday with possession of meth, a felony.

Really, what a surprise… Link here (original)

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Snow snow snow. Spent a half-hour in nearly single-digit cold digging yet more snow off of our already snowy and frozen driveway. Managed to earn a day filled with exquisite pain after aggravating my neck. Knew it might happen but somebody has got to do it. It could be worse, though! Like… it would be much worse without painkillers to sandpaper down the jagged wicked-sharp peaks of pain.

In fact, speaking of worse, you could be like – this guy poor sonofabitch and lose all sense of self-worth. (warning to the guys – ow)

Anyway, is that the sum total of what I’m going to write about? Hell, no!

My efforts are aimed at this ridiculous neverending thing we call “The Primaries”. For some reason unknown to me, they started this tour de farce earlier than usual. By now we are all so sick (and tired, ad infinitum, ad nauseum) of hearing about it, that the thought of Draining the Swamp sounds really bitchin’. This election cycle is like being slowly poisoned over a period of a year – a pinch or sprinkle of more arsenic each day. It’s frustrating – if you must be poisoned, can’t the food at least taste better than an old workboot that was buried in a landfill?


Sen. Clinton shows that she truly is a CB in every sense of the word by being a sore loser. Somehow, calling to congratulate the winner is only done if one is already crushing him in the big picture. Sen. Obama basks in the glow of the women who will vote for a man based on his charm, his hair, or his rugged good looks. Sen. McCain continues to be an arrogant RINO. Huckabee shows real guts but he’s only going to serve as a guidepost to keep McCain cautious.

But you know what? Every single one of the candidates has personally bent over backwards to underwhelm me. Probably the highest score on the Wank-O-Meter is Fred Thompson, who didn’t muster up enough energy to do anything other than destroy any future plans he might have had for running for POTUS. Who would have thought that polls could go negative until he came along? Way to go Fred, now we have the new definition for the term Limp… uh… well, you know that “condition” mentioned by a male candidate years ago? How about this term: a Limp Dole. Yeah, ok, I can live with that. Relax folks, we’re still rated PG-13.

Here’s a question for you: Are all the senators that are currently running actually doing anything to justify their bloated salaries? For over a year, they’ve invested loads of time trying to do one thing, and that is to lie and schmooze their way into another four years.

Yes, I have to agree with sweasel… Given that we can’t all chew off our collective leg to get out of this trap, Zombie Reagan is our only chance. Either that or a perfectly situated meteorite about 100m in diameter. I’d like to think that the gipper, having shown a sense of humor often when he was alive, would laugh at sweasel’s awesome artwork. Sure hope she does get to make some t-shirts (there was talk and I took it as real, but I’ve been known to be fooled by witty repartee before).

Enough for tonight. Other than to say that if all congress has to do is investigate pro baseball players and their alleged performance-enhancing drugs, then the founding fathers of our country are turning over in their graves fast enough to levitate.

– LK

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