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Well how about it, boys and girls?

  • You get Pro-Choice when it comes to abortions (aka killing children if you’re not one making a “choice”) but damn your everlasting soul if you even THINK about buying an incandescent bulb. So much do we feel so, that we’ll just keep y’all from having a choice… Fight Global Warming (Nuts)

Definition: Granola State – Take away all the nuts and flakes – what have you got? Really, what you have after said subtraction is a handful of people who are barricaded in their homes because they believe in conservative principles and that people ought to be responsible for themselves, not a nanny-state filled to the rafters with smelly, no-account, delusional people wearing hemp. Taxonomically: Hippie Campus Freeloaderus. When weighing the Granola State against the Socialist State a sparrow could starve on the difference.

  • Excuse me sir, may I see your permit to smoke…? Great Britain Smokes, But Not Cigarettes Don’t laugh – I’m not a fan of smoking but it’s a free country and guess what – this attitude is coming to the US. It’ll never be outlawed but they’ll tax the hell out of it and hope to hell that nobody quits because it is a self-righteous way to rake in more tax money.

As soon as I make the next statement someone will say some BS along the lines of “Well, I saw one better at… blah blah blah.” Save us both the hassle, if you think you’re going to say it, just go away. Ok, now I’m going to say it…

  • I’ve never seen a wrestling move like this. Wow. Over on “Absolute Moral Authority” Wicked Wrestling Move I imagine, once hit with this one, you end up pinned and saying “HUH? What the HELL? What is going ON HERE?!?”

This picture came with a warning in a friend’s e:mail. Thank God for friends… “Hershey’s Chocolate Can Cause Small Feet!” Evil Stuff, that Chocolate…

Lastly, for this post I wanted to plop down a link thrown out there by Steamboat McGoo over at Aardvarks and Asshats. You need to go to his site and watch that video with the oh-so-peace-lovin’ wabbits – it is SO peaceful at the end. And those wabbits worked hard for it. Go here.

New addition/edit to this post – inspired by McGoo, I’m embedding one of my favorite videos, “Ah, L’amore”

Now go rustle some feathers. Scare a lib today.

– LK

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Pajama momma and Steamboat were kind enough to suggest migrating to B&W. I kind of like it. Its tough taking something down to 25% and then resisting the urge to blow it up 4x when viewing it. Looks like the backside of the moon.

Click on the thumbnail to see the image in real-scale…

lemurati-normal-bw-021508.jpg Normal size

lemurati-2xnormal-bw-021508.jpg 2x Size

lemurati-050xnormal-021508.jpg Half size

lemurati-025xnormal-021508.jpg Quarter size

So all in all, thanks guys! I like it better in B&W, which isn’t an easy direction for me to take considering that in raytracing (a hobby of mine) you usually are shooting for color because the eye can detect the high dynamic range where in B&W you are limited to about 64 levels.

Much appreciated. Can I do something in return? Need a car washed?

Next project: GIMP an actual photo of a lemur for that old-photograph roaring 20’s look.

– LK

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Novus Ordo Lemurati!

Take a gander at a new logo I cooked up tonight. Was looking at Masonic logos and the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” thing. Got right down to it and folks put so gosh-darned much work into cryptic obfuscation I thought “Oh to hell with it – go for what feels right.”  Click on thumbnail for the bigger pic.


Borrowed some elements, added two not-so-subtle nods towards the old school approach, mixed in a pinch of Lemur, stirred the concoction with some fontage, and wrapped it around with the tail of … crap… I had it in my head what I wanted to say and just lost it. It would have been clever, too. Oh well. That’s what happens when you have to take enough painkillers to actually be of any use.

– LK

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