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Flea! Run for your lives! FLEAS!

Now, perhaps I’m being cold and insensitive here, but in this day and age, is a swarm of fleas bigger news than Sudan/Darfur, the election circus, economic woes, or even the size of J-Lo’s ass?

We could debate on any one of those, but do you see my point? A slow news day for some…

Flea, Fly, ho hum…

But, if we suddenly have a case of the Black Death pop up – well then we’ll have an issue, won’t we?

– LK

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Mike Baker over at Fox News had a great editorial on whether treating terrorists harshly should be avoided because it will make us like them.


Worth a read. More tonight. I think the answer is a really strong NO.

Oh, wait, I have another link. Bummer Dude The conversation probably went something like this (one sided as the cops just stare at the idiot in front of them):

Like, dude.. hold on I gotta pay for this pizza… … … ok, it’s like, dude, we thought those were tomato plants, y’know?
What a shock, man. I’m so totally bummed. I’m as surprised as anybody, really.
(sprinkles “oregano” on his pizza)

– LK

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