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You’re not going to find it. Precious little evidence… Not with headlines like”January yields debt for HRC, cash for Obama” Does seeing how Hilary spends into the hole with a presidential election make you feel good about how she’d do as President?

[politico.com] Hillary Rodham Clinton ended January with $7.6 million in debt — not including the $5 million personal loan she gave to her campaign in the run-up to the critical Super Tuesday elections, according to financial reports released Wednesday.

I. Don’t. Think. So.

With plans to spend amounts nearing the trillions of dollars outside of the US in an “I can buy us friends with this kind of taxpayer dollars!!!” kind of Pollyanna-ism from Obama. The idea that if you give money to people they will be your friends is a self-delusional conceit that isn’t restricted to one party (refer to G.W. Bush), but this is getting ridiculous. Used to be you’d run for President based on what you can do for the country, not what this country can do for the world.

Obama, Hagel, Cantwell Introduce Bill to Fight Global Poverty

There can be only one response to out of control politicians!


– LK

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Tonight was a lunar eclipse. What happens is described here: American Sinstitute of Physics Explanation … so I won’t go into it.

What’s cool about it is the “sunset effect” where the moon sees the same kind of reddened sky that we see when the sun is setting. But, rather than a chord through one hemisphere at low angle, the moon saw it through a chord across two hemispheres – I wonder what it looks like (yeah, I know.. red).

The question I have is, would an astronaut on the moon have a chance of seeing a green flash? I’ll be asking around – if you know the answer just shout it right out!

– LK

52487119greenflash_512.jpg click on it for the larger image

credits for this picture:

The Green Flash – Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon

(George does BEAUTIFUL pictures – go check them out)
Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel ,Canon EF 70-210mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
1/250s f/5.6 at 210.0mm iso100

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