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Didn’t dig up much original stuff tonight, but there was something I had to mention. Heard it on BBC News Hour this morning (radio), where a gentleman was saying that there were going to be ordinances in this one area of England to get people healthier. Naturally, the rationale that it was a good idea was not only health but (wait for it) because meat and dairy as well as fats were key originators in the whole Global Warming issue.

Amazing. Now everything will be trumped by Global Warming. Even the smallest ridiculous thing can now be argued for without rebuttal because it is in the name of Saving the Planet from Global Warming. This in much the same sense as we must do silly thing “X” because – everybody say it with me now – It is for the children. Suddenly to open one’s mouth becomes akin to promoting the use of children between the ages of 7 and 10 as filler in various types of sausage, regardless of the cause, whether it be “National Protest for Mandatory Tie-dying of Nipples Week” or “Coalition of Pipefitters for Chin-Straps on Pillows”.

I say w/o rebuttal because to try to argue based on merits or rational discourse anything contrary to the dogma surrounding GloWar is to become an instant pariah. If you’re a politician you might as well announce that you have a new type of airborne leprosy. As an average citizen you might was well show up at a wedding covered in cat feces for all the acceptance you see, and even then you might see less hostility.

Picture post (click on the thumbnail) for today is a shameless plug for Weekly World News, one of my favorite rags. If you can’t believe them, who the hell can you believe anyway?

killerkitten.jpg This was a post from years ago but I’ve kept it safe ever since. Remember, the truth is out there. Somewhere I am going to dig up my issue that showcases the idiot from Oregon who tried to join the Mountain Men’s Anonymous Club. I’m not going to tell you if you don’t know. It will be a surprise and it is almost as funny as the great Whale Demolition Project conducted by ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) years ago.

That’s all for today, sorry –

– LK

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