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Japanese Scientists, Origami Masters Hope to Launch Paper Airplane From Space

Yeah, too cool.

Right up until you read that there is no way to prove a damn thing because they can’t track it.


Well why the hell didn’t you just take the money and go find the best sushi house in the country and invite the neighborhood? I’d show up for that! Talk about literally throwing money away. That better be some damn fine origami paper.

Feeling a tad cynical today. Lotsa reasons, no simple answer. So enjoy a home-grown demotivator. Click it and it’ll open larger (approx 450kb).


More on Hil Clinton from Dick Morris… man is she ever scary. If I had to choose between her and eating broken glass I’d first ask if I could have ketchup with my meal. Knowing how to speak is good, as long as you know when to shut up.

Last, another Modern Mechanix: Dangerous Acids Made Safely by the Home Chemist.
Fun for the whole family. Warning kids, do not experiment on each other. The cat will work just as well.

[Note: Lemur King’s Folly does NOT endorse the use of acids on felines, so chill out.]

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