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Some love guns (I do), some love Afghan Hounds (I don’t), some love fine cheeses (I do), some love shows about interior decorating (I don’t) and some love knives and swords (I do I do I do). You’ll probably notice at some point that I love the tanto style blade. Not apologetic for this at all, just stating that up front.

Today I’ll look mainly at a few knives from CRKT

I found a nifty one today – the Lumabiner. The LumabinerLumabiner Knife

Several things are appealing here. It clips on a belt loop. I keep my cellphone on a belt loop, my keys are on a belt loop, my Thermos™ coffee cup on a carabiner. Hell, I’m one step away from needing a Bat-Utility-Belt. The point for me is to not need to shove everything into a pocket. If I did that, it’d look and sound like I had a pair of armored rabid squirrels in each pocket as I tried to walk

I own one of their knives already, from the M16-10K series. You look at it and go “that’s pretty gimmicky, with all the holes and whatnot.” Well, firstly it is lighter, and secondly (more important to me) is that it is a pretty solid knife in that it doesn’t twist or slip out of your hands easily. According to my wife I’m the original Clutz™ (Klutz™ has been taken by the jewish folks already – wonderful word they got there) and this has somewhat confirmed by a friend and fellow blogger Enas Yorl, although he does reckon that the universe has had it out for me recently. Anyway a knife that doesn’t turn in your hands is a good thing. The knife I have is the M16® EDC. A Good Tanto-Blade Knife

One that I’m interested in is the Razel™ SS7Razel™ SS7 It is a BIG bastard but it looks like you could use it to hack through the car door next time you lock your keys inside your convertible – it’s good for those “the top is down and a rainstorm is coming” kind of emergencies.

My head is killing me. I’ll update this post later. Bye for now.

– LK

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