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Some of you have known that over a year ago I was rear-ended (rather, my car was hit, by another car, while I was in it, McGoo) and then hit the car in front of me. Since that time, my activities have been severely curtailed. Lots of painful procedures, chronic pain in general, couple trips to the hospital for out-of-control pain, etc.

To date, no doctor or specialist has come up with an answer that worked beyond about three weeks, and some didn’t work at all. In short, if someone offers to hit you, JUST SAY NO.

Several things happened after many, many visits to doctors:

  • You become disillusioned – Doctor’s don’t know everything. They don’t even know what they don’t know, so in that respect they are just like the rest of us
  • You become unwilling to hope – After just so many “treatments” that promise pain and little else that could be considered a tangible deliverable, you lower your expectations
  • You become bitter – Whatever did you do to merit this?
  • You feel isolated – unless you have been there, it’s hard to picture what the chronic pain sufferer is going through. It messes with your head in the most unimaginable ways, being restricted to just lying or sitting around while the rest of the world is outside talking with each other, getting things done, going places, etc. Doctors hear the words but cannot feel the emotions
  • You feel guilty – as if it were your fault you were not better. Some doctors help foster this subconsciously
  • You get tired – Ground down by trying to live a normal life, hold down a job, fulfill familial obligations, meet appointments, make up lost time at work, and deal with pain throughout

Today, I have an appointment at 1pm with (drum roll, please)… an acupuncturist.
This will be a good test because even though I am hopeful, I don’t actually believe in acupuncture any more than I believe in brain-tumor healing performed by practitioners of the chiropractic arts. (yes, I know “oh ye of little faith”)

If it can work in SPITE of my skepticism, then it passes a critical test and after 3000 years one billion Chinese folks can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as their methods are validated by your ever-so-humble gweilo.

Wish me luck. I’m sure you’ll be on pins and needles (as I am soon to be) to find out the results.

– LK


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