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OK, Switch!

[Update: I added back the link from the earlier post despite grave misgivings. It is listed in Comment #2 below – LK ]

Ok, I hated that last post in place of this, so much so that I just couldn’t do it. It was so repulsive. I didn’t want it on my site. No, not Rosie…

Ran across these, good for a laugh.

I have died, and am in heaven. Cookies… with bacon. I mean, my habanero peanut-butter cookies were awesome but this is amazing stuff, folks.


I suggest mercy killings.


I wish I knew what was driving our kids to want to be perfect. Whatever it is, it’s messing them up.


I gotta work tonight, so this will have to do.

– LK

This just in at 11:58pm (got done working)… a science factoid page that is interesting. I’m not going to comment, just post, but enjoy it!


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Life Imitates… Something.

A small-town Oregon boy sees humor in this…

Is Going Green Making You Crazy? It’s Time for Eco-Therapy

Thursday , April 17, 2008

By Julie Kirtz Garrett


Sarah Edwards worries about the gasoline she burns, the paper towels she throws out, the litter on the beach, water pollution. She worries so much, it literally makes her sick.

“Fear, grief, anger, confusion and depression,” Edwards says, pointing to the negativity that has manifested itself in real-life symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia and fatigue.

“I had so much pathos. It’s so sad,” says Edwards, who moved from California’s crowded Santa Monica to a secluded cabin in Los Padres National Forest to help her cope.

Now, she says: “We only drive to the grocery store every three weeks. We have our own source of water. We compost and no longer heat every room on the first floor.”

Edwards suffers from eco-anxiety, the growing angst experienced by those who can’t handle the thought that they — or anyone — are in some way contributing to global warming, species extinction and dwindling natural resources.

She recently launched a blog called “Eco-Anxiety” because she believes environmental dangers should be taken seriously. “This is severely disturbing,” she says.

Experts say discussions about the environment — a growing favorite topic in the media — often focus on worst-case scenarios and ever-dwindling resources. So it’s no surprise that all that bad news is taking a toll on some psyches.

But not all psyches. John Berlau, author of “Eco-Freaks: Environmentalism Is Hazardous to Your Health,” said eco-anxious people need to get a life and get the facts about the environment before freaking out.

“It may put their mind partially at ease knowing that not all experts subscribe to these apocalyptic views,” he said.

Things have gotten so bad, a new kind of therapy has sprouted up to keep people from going nuts over the environment.

It’s called “eco-therapy” or “eco-psychology.” The time on the couch isn’t spent delving into a patient’s childhood to find the source of misery. Instead, it looks at how much time a person spends in nature, the person’s carbon footprint and what the individual is doing to save the planet.

And the prescribed treatment may be as simple as a dose of recycling or — you guessed it — hugging a tree. More here

God, what a bunch of people totally unsuited to live in reality.  It’s pathetic.

On other fronts,  Washington Times had a nice piece on Jimmy Carter, the damned bonehead:

WT Article

More later tonight. Fun stuff.

– LK

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