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Shakin’ and Quakin’

Two mid-west earthquakes.  One in Illinois and one outside of Lansing – 5 point something and 3 point something.  Can words describe the richness, the vividness, the event that is seared into my brain? I don’t know. Let me try by digging deep into my soul, to tease out the fibers of reality, no, to condense fact out of the vapors of nuance*… It was like kind of… it was like… oh, I guess it was like…

Nothing. Not a damn thing.

If it’s a tornado, it goes through minutes before I get there. Earthquake, I’m not there. Lightning hit a tree? Nope, not there either. Total bummage.

The most interesting thing I think I’ve seen was when I was a firefighter (Oregon St. Dept. of Forestry), we were mopping up a burned out area, when suddenly my partner says “Get back in the truck – NOW. Drop the hose and don’t worry about the live reel!” So I get in the truck and we watch a dust devil kicked up by the heat go through the area, picking up ash and embers and throwing them all around. That was too cool. Later on that same fire, the incident commander came over the radio to point out the thunderhead way off in the distance south of us. He called our attention to it and then told us that it was no thunderstorm, it was our next assignment in La Pine – over 50 miles away.

I lost two of my rolls of film at some point during that fire, but the dust devil looked a lot like this one, a little tighter though, and the day was clear enough that we could easily make out embers and chunks of still burning stuff. The topsoil was pretty rich and burned to some extent, and you’d be surprised how deep (and hot) the ash was in that area, even hours later – enough to cook your feet in your boots if you were stupid like me. Luckily I had a hose and water to cool things down.:

(courtesy goes to GetHotShots.org )

Happy Friday, everybody!

I go see Le Porcupine today and will update the Puncture Chronicles tonight.

– LK

* Phrase shamelessly stolen from my hero, Neal Stephenson.

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The Implosion of Hubris

Well, it may not happen, but it’s fun watching all the twitching goes on. As people get more and more wound up, they do stupider and stupider things and I laugh harder and harder.

Dean is in a lather, Bill’s panties are in a wad (and stuffed in his mouth to shut him up), and the candidates are playing chicken, double or nothing.

So here’s “I have a scream” Dean trying to short circuit Pennsylvania’s primary before the train wrecks…


Thinks mighty highly of himself, doesn’t he? And here I thought delegates (the super kind, anyway) didn’t have to say “boo” until the convention. Oops, those were the rules then but now that our collective tits are in the wringer, we’re changing those rules right now.

Heh heh heh heh heh heh.

A demotivational graphic I came up with a while back seems appropriate for the democrats right now.

(it gets bigger if you click on it)

– LK

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