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Day 2 of a really bitchin’ headache so I thought I’d just run through and share images that got caught in the trap in the disposal…

I’m thinking that tomorrow I shall put thoughts into words regarding China, Russia, the Middle East, and how those all clash with the West – and why I worry about these things.

Who here can remember one of the all-time best games, right up there next to Half Life, Deus Ex, and Far Cry (before the Trigens)?

Yes, Redneck Rampage®!!

Shown here is a Rabid Jackalope heading towards our hero, Leonard. What’s he firing? He has: A bolt on the crossbow. A stick of dyanmite lashed to the bolt for a redneck RPG. The whole works shoved up a chicken’s hoo-hoo for a guided rpg. Oh yeah.

There’s your buddy, Bubba. He’s continually getting captured by evil clones of your neighbors and too stoopid to get himself out of trouble. (sounds like a Star Wars plot)

Enclosed in the Redneck Rampage box is a small-town newspaper (really and truly) called the Hickston Hog. An advert inside had this little lady in the Personals section as I recall.

**update: just found it. You can read it here: redneck_rampage_manual.

Moving right along. Chicken anyone?

If they aren’t properly cooked, they’re not going to hang around for Round 2.

Oh I couldn’t resist.

This pic, titled “How to Ruin a Romantic Evening” gets it spot on. Of course everyone knows you don’t serve a blush wine in a hot-tub. You steer towards the Gewürz.

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