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I’m going to be on business travel and return late Wednesday night. Rather than take a train like I had hoped, I’m… <shudder> … flying. I’d rather strip naked, douse myself in turpentine, and crawl across broken glass than fly, but what are you going to do?

Actually, it’s not flying, it’s not being able to see the pilots or have any control over the plane at all is what wigs me out. Flying is fun if you are with the pilot.

Anyway, no posts until Thursday. Have fun everybody.

Parting shot… Poor HIllary, now it’s the media that’s screwing her over, not the VRWC! Nope, it’s never because you’re just a nasty vile repulsive shrew-hag with the sincerity of a viper, is it, Hillary?



And an important link to new allegations of torture of Iraqi children by US troops.  I can’t believe the damage that we’re doing every second we’re there.

Thanks Bar Slaves!!!

Cheers –


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