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… because it’ll save me from having to come up with something. Hell, I’ll add something right now. OCD is a real bitch at times.

Again, I the lowly minion, trudge to do the bidding of my fearsome master. So I shall have to find something quirky to pop in this space tomorrow… for now, ask not for whom the smoky tallow burns, it burns for thee.

In normal people terms, that means it’ll be a late night.


Bumper Sticker on Co-Worker’s Vehicle:

Bumper Stickers Are Not The Answer

Screw it. I’m posting anyway. The boss can just get his stuff a little later tomorrow. It’s 2:30 now and I’m tired, dammit…

Ok this is funny and not funny… in space no one can hear you scream… as the toilet backs up.

Luckily the space shuttle has “facilities” and they are on their way, but you can’t cross your legs THAT long. And the arrival of the shuttle is not going to help when everybody is trying to pee into bottles left and right. You can’t just open a window and let ‘er rip.


the next day

Ok, I saw this weeks ago and laughed till I cried – it’s old news but I’m posting it now (get over it). South Park did homage to Heavy Metal (complete with music). However funny, it mocks a very real problem with our teens – a dark and sinister side to ‘having fun’… the tendency to do ANYTHING to get high, including “Cheesing“, which is the topic of the episode. Check out your listings and watch “Major Boobage”.

Cheesing is a very dangerous quick high where the user will get high by allowing a cat to spray in their face. It’s fast, cheap, easy, dangerous, it’s addictive, it’s destructive, so Don’t Do It. So far, all users seem to be teleported to a mystical land and they see… whoa. Shown here is Kenny while on a binge of Cheesing. Terrible, isn’t it?

(For the record, Cruel Wife laughed, too.)


Is this really the best that news has to offer? Is this what the average American considers top-of-the-fold? No wonder HillObama is so popular (see Yesterday’s Post)

Battery-Powered Robot Climbs Rope for 7 Hours in Grand Canyon, Sets Guinness World Record

So, the reader is supposed to get all hot and bothered that a piece of plastic went up a rope for 7 hours? Crap, if they made the thing out of a balanced pair of lightweight wheels clamping the rope they could have done the same thing and gone longer.

I’m convinced that our president in 2012 will be the Thelma and Louise Ticket of Hillary and Rosie given the state of people’s demand for “news” in a news site. I’m different because I’m blogging. I can put any old shit out there that turns my fancy. And do.


Army to Remove Memorial Sign and Crosses From Chapel in Kosovo Camp

This is not a new regulation and exists to protect the free exercise of religion of all soldiers

Would someone tell me how putting up a memorial or remembering a fallen chaplain is going to damage the free exercise of even one person?

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