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I’m just sorry she didn’t say “Zombie Reagan will be our next president” instead of McCain. See, this won’t send a message. Zombie Reagan stays on-message and communicates convincingly. Sheesh, people, it takes braaaaaainnnns.

Sounds like Hillary and Ickes are upset, too.
Their “compromise” is the chicken approach. A truly committed committee would take a stand and say “We’re going to abide by the rules or throw them out.” But they’re hamstrung. They CAN’T say “you gotta follow the rules” or they’d be slaughtered for disenfranchising (I hate that word) voters. And they can’t say “we’ll scrap the rules” because then they’d be hung to dry for doing whatever suits them whenever they want. (which is close to the truth in any event)

I love this stuff.

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