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Flightworthy News

Oh this is rich. May START? Anyone who has flown Cattle Class before knows that there’s no “May” because it’s already reality. Airlines may start treating us like “freight”.

Don’t look now, but Drudge is being outted as a flaming red liberal. Oh my!

More in a bit.

Just heard Obama’s acceptance speech on NPR (as much as I could stand without projectile vomiting on the windshield of my truck) as I was driving back home. I can’t get it verbatim, but here’s a darned close facsimile…

(blah blah blah about Hilary as if there hadn’t been bad blood)

… Which brings us to John McCain…

[Unanimous booing from crowd]

…I honor… we honor his accomplishments and achievements even though he chooses to deny mine…

First, I only listen to NPR because I want to know what the idiots are talking about.


McCain better think about how much of this sneaky sort of oily talk he’s going to give a pass to before he takes off the gloves with Obama, because I can assure you, Obama does not intend to pull any punches, but he plans on giving McCain death by a thousand papercuts with unctuous speeches just like this one.

Be on your guard.

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