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More USB madness. I keep a-swearin’ I’m not going to go poking around yet I do. I swear I’ll never do this again as long as I live. And THIS time, I mean it.

I’ll never buy one for myself but I’ll watch others do so. Perhaps there’s a 12 Step program… Hi, I’m Lemur King and I’m a USB Voyeur.

Really, I’m going to check myself in for USB addiction. I can lick this.


If you know me at all, you know I’m a SteamPunk fan. Yes, I know it is passe. Get off my back and let me have some fun in my life, eh? It’s not illegal, I’m not hurting anyone, and I put food on the table. (That, my friends, is melodrama.)

SteamPunk Meets USB


Warning, adult, uh… equipment… is on this page. Strangely it is #1. It does include the George Foreman grill on the list, which is BS, so don’t go e:mailing me about it. There is another device on the page that might work if you are willing to settle for a battery life of about 10 minutes and smoky chips in you ‘puter.

UPDATE: The #1 item referred to above seems to not be in stock but you can google the appropriate (and entirely obvious) words yourself and find other similar natured things. (How bizarre.)

USB “Things


Another site has a use for a USB mouse that I never would have pictured. They just don’t seem to be dual-use like that, you know? You’ll just have to go look for this one yourself.


This is older and it doesn’t look like you can get them anymore, but I swear, it is the strangest one I’ve seen yet. The humping dog USB device.


I was wrong. The USB Claw wins.


If you’re a Luddite like me… yes, I know, aerospace + optics + mechanics + engineer <> Luddite (usually). Well, this is a perfect nod towards the simpler days.


I guess there’s just no truth in advertising.

This quote is the kicker, though:

in treating the case as a breach of contract, the ruling was decried by critics who said it undermined decades of progress in women’s rights.

WHAT women’s rights, when it comes to the hardline Muslim stance? Beating wives? Killing the rape victim? Disfigurement?


Again, Obama says that the current administration is doing it wrong and he’ll do it different but declines to give real examples. If he debates or travels with McCain he’s going to get eaten alive.


Holy CRAP!  Poor kid.

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In order to provide something to take your minds off of The Election That Lasted 1000 Years I bring you the following comic link that came to my attention by a co-worker. So, Constant Reader, enjoy today’s buffet. Or barfet. Whatever.

This is a pretty funny comic site if you have a warped sense of humor. This is the first one of an array of strips I read and starts with every parent’s dreaded event – The Child-Barfed-in-the-Middle-of-the-Night-Until-His-Nose-Bled-and-

He-Saw-the-Angels Eventit will set the stage.

When I think about this strip it reminds me of Frank Cho’s quirky ley lines of thought that went into Liberty Meadows.

Link to other Dr. McNinja strips…

~~~~~~~~~~~~Amazing Update~~~~~~~~~~~~

The earth just rumbled… must’ve been a 8.0 magnitude quake on my “funny feeling” scale.

South Dakota is the epicenter

Sadly. any idiot can sue for any reason and drive you under with delays and expensive court costs. Especially capable of economic extortion are those organizations with agendas that are well-funded.

“What happened tonight, we were not supposed to be able to do,” Phillips told a cheering audience. “Development projects like this are supposed to be outright rejected by residents and neighbors. But this project is a testament to our balancing the needs for growth and for protecting the environment.”

At stake was billions of dollars in capital investment and thousands of high-paying jobs. From the beginning, Hyperion executives said they would abandon its Union County site, just north of Elk Point, if a majority of voters failed to give their blessing to the rezoning.

While conceding defeat, opponents vowed to keep fighting the controversial project on every imaginable front, pressing on with a lawsuit it filed against the county over the zoning procedures and opposing Hyperion as it applies for a bevy of state and federal permits.

“We have strategies in place to slow or delay all the permit processes,” Ed Cable, chairman of the anti-Hyperion group Save Union County, said after the vote.

Tuesday’s historic election culminated a months-long, emotionally charged campaign that pitted neighbor against neighbor in this extreme southeast South Dakota county.

Supporters cited the once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunities the $10 billion project would bring.

An average of 4,500 construction jobs would be required over four years. With the refinery up and running, Hyperion pledges to create 1,826 full-time jobs at hourly wages of between $20 and $30.

“I think it would be a great opportunity for young people to stay in this area instead of leaving for other states,” Kelly Hoekstra, 31, of Dakota Dunes said after casting a vote in favor of the rezoning.

Opponents argued the massive development would not be worth the pollution and other troubles they claimed the refinery would bring. The health risks traditionally associated with a refinery weighed heavily on the minds of some voters.

“I live out here. I don’t need the pollution,” said Jim Schroeder of McCook Lake, after voting against the rezoning.

Yet, you’re perfectly willing to use oil and gas that came from pollution in somebody else’s back yard? Has anyone even looked into whether or not there have been great strides in pollution and wastes in the last 32 years? Crap, people! If the refineries are so gosh-darned bad in every way, why do you perpetuate the problem by driving around in an automobile?

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