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… but gosh-dern it… we gotta call it something.  Something illegal.

I also have very little respect for companies that allow $harpton and Ja¢k$on to get away with this stuff.  Think about it folks – these are supposedly REVERENDS that go around THREATENING others to provide MONEY to make them go away.

It’s called extortion, and it is illegal, but it is given a pass by everyone lest they be considered supportive of “racists” or branded as one themselves.

Well, guess what?  I’m here to call bullsh*t.

Rev. Al Sharpton Soaks Up Boycott Bucks

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Rev. Al Sharpton

NEW YORK, New York —  Anheuser-Busch gave him six figures, Colgate-Palmolive shelled out $50,000 and Macy’s and Pfizer have contributed thousands to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s charity.

Almost 50 companies – including PepsiCo, General Motors, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Continental Airlines, Johnson & Johnson and Chase – and some labor unions sponsored Sharpton’s National Action Network annual conference in April.

Terrified of negative publicity, fearful of a consumer boycott or eager to make nice with the civil-rights activist, CEOs write checks, critics say, to NAN and Sharpton – who brandishes the buying power of African-American consumers. In some cases, they hire him as a consultant.

The cash flows even as the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn has been conducting a grand-jury investigation of NAN’s finances.

A General Motors spokesman told The Post that NAN had repeatedly – and unsuccessfully – asked for contributions for six years, beginning in August 2000.

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