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More importantly than all the news in the world is that I posted a recipe source in the “Recipes” section on how to make Kimchi (in PDF format), and it kind of takes the whole thing to the level of “All you ever wanted to know about Kimchi but were afraid to ask”. And before you DO ask (because of the obvious movie reference), I loathe Woody Allen because he’s a pedophile.

Does it answer every question like “how will I know if I have botulinum toxin poisoning?” (trust me, you’d know) or “can Kimchi make me sterile?” (perhaps but there are lots of Koreans… get it?) or even “Will it erode the enamel on my teeth?” (yes, and everything else if it’s there long enough)


Ok, sorry to be pimping products, but this looks really cool. Cool enough that I want one. Wireless + Books + Paper + Feels-Like-Paper = Kewl.


DoublePlusUndead (DPUD) has a disturbing look at

Obamaphilia paraphernalia.

(that was fun to say!)


China has been talking with Iran again, apparently. We all know that they are the ones driving innovation in the 21st century. I have NO idea how that picture represents a 1.5m diameter flying saucer, but what the hell, as long as we’re being imaginary about the whole thing… The curious thing is why China announced it. Beijing Olympics or otherwise?



New pic that looks more like a UFO than a fungal growth. Cool, because there is a GUY running it, apparently. Here’s a link to the video. Ok, they gained my admiration. That’s saying a lot.


[Dripping Sarcasm Alert: Rarely do conservatives even protest, so think about that as you read about how the police are stocking up on WEAPONS for the DNC Presidential gathering.]

I don’t know why they should be worried. Rarely do conservative protesters get violent.


Tasers and pepper-ball weapons… niiiiice!!! Rubber bullets and tanks are next, I guess.


Prepare for huge amounts of chest-thumping to argue for “who wants drilling more/less”. Remember the NAFTA pissing contest between Obama and Hillary? (Hillary who?) It typically degenerates into a “whatever he said, make mine plus ‘infinity, infinity'”



One of the stranger things happening lately.



I’m going to draw some heat for this, but supply and demand is the very lifeblood of capitalism. Having government “do something” about it is the very soul of socialism.


Capitalism works against businesses and people every single day and has since day one with no one batting an eye. But put it on a larger scale and people treat it far differently.

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