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Construction Worker #1:  … and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Construction Worker #2:  I feel like an object.

Construction Worker #3:  Me, too.  It’s like they don’t see me for who I really am. It hurts my feelings…

What?  Huh?  What happened?  I missed something…

Confused?  You should be.  Men and women are wired differently. This is not some male plot against femi-nazis everywhere, it’s just a statement of fact. Guys do NOT think like this. Simply put, if you don’t KNOW what I mean, it cannot be explained. Take my word for it. You can trust me…

You should be confused by this.

Officials at West Kent College in Tonbridge, Kent, sent an email to all pupils warning that the behaviour was “totally unacceptable”, and saying any students caught harassing contractors would face disciplinary action.

The email was sent after a demolition team started work on a £94 million, three-year building project at the campus.

The email read: “It has come to the attention of the college that some female students have been making comments to, or whistling at, the builders both whilst on site and as they walk around the campus.

“Although we are sure no offence is meant, this constitutes harassment and is wholly unacceptable

Show me one guy who would be upset at being whistled at by college chicks and I’ll eat your… (thinking, don’t rush me)… your… kimchi and rice.  He has GOT to be mentally damaged.

Whatever happened to the day when girls were girls and men were men?


Just go look at it.  I can’t add anything.

Again. Nothing I can say.  Cool, but I can’t add to it.

If you have kids… this ought to work for ’em.  You’ll have to beat them to get them off your computer.

I can add to this. This engine is way cool for a lot of reasons.  Topmost is it is elegant, with a refreshing approach to design that makes me drool.  I think with a little work, a workable oil system wouldn’t be impossible.  But I’d need to sit and think on it for a bit.


This is the Pièce de résistance of this post.  How to build a lucid dream machine.   You can’t make this stuff up.

I’ve had three lucid dreams in my life, none while on drugs, although one involved a fever.  I could walk through walls and went down to wake up my folks and just stood there while they slept, turned around, found my sister, didn’t want to wake anyone up so I went back and laid down on the couch.  This was with a 105F fever.

The other ties were just normal everyday “holy crap I’m dreaming and I’m in the driver’s seat.

But building a lucid dream machine?  Hmmph.


Bizarre in the sense that people worry themselves about stuff like this. More concern about things that detract from real issues of today.

How English Is Evolving Into a Language We May Not Even Understand

By Michael Erard The targeted offenses: if you are stolen, call the police at once. please omnivorously put the waste in garbage can. deformed man lavatory. For the past 18 months, teams of language police have been scouring Beijing on a mission to wipe out all such traces of bad English signage before the Olympics come to town in August. They’re the type of goofy transgressions that we in the English homelands love to poke fun at, devoting entire Web sites to so-called Chinglish. (By the way, that last phrase means “handicapped bathroom.”)

But what if these sentences aren’t really bad English? What if they are evidence that the English language is happily leading an alternative lifestyle without us? (more…)


Less bizarre…
I would jump on this in a heartbeat. ONLY IF the requirements in the US to get a driver’s license were three times as stringent.

If you find yourself crossing the road in the German town of Bohmte, look both ways – and then perhaps check again.

It has scrapped all its traffic lights and road signs in a radical experiment designed to make the streets safer. Yesterday, the local council said the scheme was a complete success.

In the four weeks since the signs were ripped up, there has not been a single accident.


My buddy, The Dude, is married to a lady that, if she wasn’t sweet, nice, and decidedly sane, you would call her a “crazy cat lady”.  We will from here on out refer to her as Katt LadyKatt Lady and The Dude.  I like it.  Anyway…

She just loves cats.  They own a cat ranch, opting to keep the kitties outside but in nice warm bunks where they can come and go and are taken very good care of.  Their cats are legion.

Kinda cool, actually…  I think he could make this work for him.   Price of energy being what it is, he could offset the cost of Kat Fud.

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