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All I gotta say is that it is about goddamned time. You won’t wake up to a communist state for at least a little while, because you are still able to defend yourselves (those of you who haven’t abdicated any hope of ever doing so by being a pacifist – I guess we’ll do your job for you if/when it happens).  Read about the Supreme Court on your right to self-defense.




PROOF that education is no substitute for intelligence.  (emphasis mine)

Next up: a professor who took a full six minutes announcing her credentials and then said, “I used up my entire pension supporting Hillary. I went to 13 states and knocked on doors. I want everyone in this room to write in the name of Hillary Clinton on the ballot when they go to vote and …”


The Dude passed on a link to TimesOnline, where they have communist jokes.

Bitch about the US all you want all you tree hugger, hemp-wearing, slackster in-a-haze coffee-house misanthropes, but it’s still more free than any other country in the world.

The Russia has reclaimed it’s title as a nasty communist state, and it only took them 20 years to recover from the Gipper. China… well, China is in a class all it’s own. Please keep in mind I’m referring to the government in both countries, the mafia in the the former Soviet States, and China’s internal policy on restriction of information flow (aka Censorship).

My favorites:

An old man is dying in his hovel on the steppes.
There is a menacing banging on the door.
‘Whose there?’ the old man asks.
‘Death ‘comes the reply.
‘Thank God for that,’ he says, ‘I thought it was the KGB.’
Dan Sweeney

The next one is cynical as hell. Which is why I like it.

A KGB officer is walking in the park and he sees and old Jewish man reading a book.
The KGB says “What are you reading old man?” The old man says “I am trying to teach myself Hebrew.”
KGB says “Why are you trying to learn Hebrew? It takes years to get a visa for Israel. You would die before the paperwork got done.”
“I am learning Hebrew so that when I die and go to Heaven I will be able to speak to Abraham and Moses. Hebrew is the language they speak in Heaven.” the old man replies.
“But what if when you die you go to Hell?” asks KGB.
And the old man replies, “Russian, I already know.”
Larry Rasczak

The winner was Larry Freeman. Damned if you do…

Three workers find themselves locked up, and they ask each other what they’re in for. The first man says: “I was always ten minutes late to work, so I was accused of sabotage.” The second man says: “I was always ten minutes early to work, so I was accused of espionage.” The third man says: “I always got to work on time, so I was accused of having a Western watch.


Good a time as any to voice this beef…


Airline Profits Soar on Hellish 3Q – Posted Oct 19, 07 (Newser) – The worst summer in a decade for the air traveler turned into the most lucrative for the airline industry. Carriers’ profits soared on overbooking that led to cramped conditions and a quarter of all flights arriving late, the LA Times reports. Consumer groups are furious. “They’re making money hand over fist at the expense of passengers,” says one advocate.

OK, got that? Capitalism BAD.  Airlines are making too much profit and hurts consumers.

Now we have complaints from several people (NPR today)  how airlines are dying because of fuel prices and then almost in the same breath how the market will let them adjust and become profitable again.

Oh, ok.  Capitalism GOOD with airlines, Bad with fuel companies.

So.  What we have then is if airlines are doing bad, then capitalism is good because it’s the way out (except for oil companies) and we should stop beating airlines down.  If airlines are profitable, it’s because of nasly ol’ capitalism and the airlines need regulation so they don’t profit off of consumers.

So really what we have is a bunch of people who want a damned Socialist State?

There’s your proof.

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