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MoronBlogging It.

Well, it was a very quiet affair hanging out – myself, Cruel Wife, No Runny Eggs, Girl-Child Unit #1, and Death-Wish Boy.  And Silver d’Cat.

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Shown:  Wok Hei – the art of blistering your Jae Jaeng Myun and then snarfing it 8x as fast as you should – it is on the Recipes page, if you care.  This has red bell pepper and onion standing in for the broccoli.

Hung out and talked with NRE, stumbled over and reminisced about Weasels Catsophone as Silver d’Cat cadged scritch after scritch from our allergic NRE (who finds the silly cat to be hypoallergenic even if he can be hyperannoying).

More in a bit…


Okay… photo-op, and Hillary is “kissing” Obama (see pic).  Below that pic, was a closeup shot that another photographer caught at this very moment.

The man barely escaped with his life, I tell you.

Full article:  Obama, Clinton appeal for Democratic unity in N.H.


I’m vile and will take heat for this, but it was funny.  It’s a joke, relax.  No, it’s not mine.  I’m not so clever.

John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama were walking down a Washington D.C. street when they came upon a homeless person.
The Republican, John McCain, gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office for a job.  He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.
Hillary was very impressed, so when they came upon another homeless person, she decided to help.  She walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office.  She then reached into John McCain’s pocket and got out $20.  She kept $15 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless person $5.

When they came upon yet another homeless person, Barak told the homeless person to ‘have hope . . . change is coming . . .’ and gave him nothing.

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UPDATE:  Best laid plans (even for a MoronBlogger event) of mice/men oft go agley…

So far we have a Missing Person’s Report and another who wasn’t able to come clear down today (perhaps tomorrow), and the others… who knows?

Rolling with the punches, even if no one showed up, we’d eat ourselves silly, freeze the rest, and nothing would go to waste.  From where the Lemur King sits, it’s a win-win, so while it would be sad to lose the comp’ny, it would not be like chow spoiled on the table.

All will be well and all wi’ be well.

~~~~~~~~~~~~*tentative at this point*~~~~~~~~~~~~


Friday Night (tonight… aiiiiieeee, I’m not ready!) – Indonesian Fried Rice

Saturday – Pulled pork, ribs, and smoked buffalo wings, Dr. Pepper until comatose (me), and rolls, cole slaw, etc.

Sunday – Homemade Biscuits and gravy – eat till you barf.   Then ???

Those who are spiritually-inclined will do pub-crawls, most likely in some dank recess of Michigan (no NOT Flint – that’s way too dank).  I’m assuming they will blog it.  I’ll blog the event from the “Grilling Dead Animal Flesh” side of it.

Who knows, maybe next year it could be something more organized?

We’ll play it by ear.  I may very well be tagged as an a$$hole and the idea will die in it’s infancy, strangled by it’s own umbilical cord.

Will keep you posted.

– LK

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