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NPR this morning (“Know Thine Enemy” is what I live by)…

They were covering the latest not-quite-news-but-still-media-frenzied story regarding Iran’s missile test.

The reporter was questioning an Israeli representative. At one point, she tried to demonstrate parity, contrasting Iran’s weapons development (and potentially nukes) and the fact that Israel has had the capability and in fact demonstrated past willingness to bomb and/or attack other countries.


Why does the media attempt to be so “fair” and “even handed” that they stop reporting the news as FACT? Fact and the Media New Fairness Doctrine (MNFD – my spelling-out of that acronym is not family friendly) are in no way compatible. There are always two sides, but the idea that one is no better than the other is dead wrong.

There’s no parity here!

The Six-Day War should ring a bell. As I recall, there was a preemptive strike on Egypt’s Air Force, then others were involved – Syria and Jordan. Troops were supplied by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. My point? There’s a lot of animosity there anyway. Has been for a long time.

Israel has not expressed a clear longing to see another country gone. Go listen to Ahmadinejad – what he has said in the past has been debated, but whatever the final analysis, it wasn’t “Hey, guys, we wish you the best in everything!”

While the topic of Iran’s nuclear pursuits is hotly debated, the fact that Iran has rejected the offer of being given fuel suitable for power generation (but not weapons) must be taken into account. There is the almost-arguable issue of a light-water reactor not allowing them to use home-mined Uranium (reliance on external enriched Uranium sources) but their secrecy in the face of the IAEA does not speak well of their intentions. A heavy-water reactor would use non-enriched Uranium which could then be turned into weapons-grade Plutonium.

Some information from pundits regarding Iran’s intent.

Michelle Malkin on Iran and the NIE.

The View from Alexandria.

Axis of Right.

Moving right along…

The reason I claim no parity is because of one fact:

Israel has not been providing arms and assistance to terrorists and insurgents to target innocent civilians within the borders of other countries. As posed in The Axis of Right link above, “Israel is not engaged in a war by proxy.”

Whereas, state-sponsored terrorism combined with weapons programs present (1) a clear and present danger, (2) a willingness to do harm both covert and overt, and (3) a vastly improved propaganda program through the use of misinformation and martyrs in militant groups in and around Israel. Those who willingly seek the demise of innocents and civilians solely because of who/what they are are indefensible.

There is no parity.

Disclaimer: Iran’s rockets in and of themselves are little or no danger to Israel, as they have great bunkers and lots of advance warning systems. The danger, as I see it, is in providing weapons and/or materials to said proxy groups.

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One of my favoritest songs is Dennis Leary’s “I’m an Asshole”.

Dennis, you’re awesome man, but help us if you will, but don’t hinder us here. I think you’d fit right in.

Well, now we have a new political party to root for. I’m nominating Steamboat McGoo but he may want to stay semi-retired (no full-time Goth-Baiting).

(credit to The Dude for finding this gem)

more later…

Ok, it’s later now…

A long time ago, I posted about this poor SOB who came home to find Craig’sList Criminals taking his stuff… Well, here is a potential followup (from Joe Duck’s blog – nice, that) that I haven’t had time to track down, but the guy is from Oregon, who can’t trust an Oregonian?  Certainly not I, having growed up there.

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You can’t make this stuff up. Here ya go, buddy ol’ pal… anything we can do to help. What? The hydraulics had issues? Wow. We certainly had no idea…

Obama’s Plane Scare

July 08, 2008 7:36 AM


By the time we all heard about it the unscheduled stop that the campaign plane of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, made in St. Louis yesterday was ultimately uneventful. But the incident was quite dicey there for a spell. As the pilot struggled to re-gain control of the pitch of the plane – the angle of the nose of the plane – Obama was told that he and the other 44 passengers on board might have to assume the brace position upon landing, bending forward with their heads between their knees. That ultimately did not happen, but National Transportation Safety Board chairman Mark Rosenker told ABC News’ Dennis Powell yesterday that the incident “is extremely serious in this particular case.” An inflatable slide in the tail cone of the plane had deployed, making control of the plane tough. “There are hydraulic lines back there,” Rosenker says. ‘There are control cables that deal with the elevators and other area’s of control surfaces for the aircraft, and could potentially make it extremely difficult if not impossible to fly the aircraft.” Three fire trucks met the plane on the tarmac in St. Louis. Obama called his wife Michelle to let her know he was fine before she saw anything on TV about the plane’s unscheduled landing. The plane was supposed to land in Charlotte, NC. This was not Obama’s regular campaign plane, which is being overhauled. It was a loaner, having previously been used by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY.


Oh Hypocrisy, Get Thee Behind Me.

G8 summit: Gordon Brown has eight-course dinner before food crisis talks

By Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor in Hokkaido, Japan
Last updated: 2:03 AM BST 08/07/2008

Gordon Brown and his fellow world leaders have sparked outrage after it was disclosed they enjoyed a six-course lunch followed by an eight-course dinner at the G8 summit where the global food crisis tops the agenda.

The Prime Minister was served 24 different dishes during his first day at the summit – just hours after urging the world to reduce the “unnecessary demand” for food and calling on British families to cut back on their wasteful use of food.

Mr Brown and his wife Sarah were among 15 guests at the “blessings of the earth and the sea social dinner”.

The dinner consisted of 18 dishes in eight courses including caviar, smoked salmon, Kyoto beef and a “G8 fantasy dessert”.

The banquet was accompanied by five different wines from around the world including champagne, a French Bourgogne and sake.

African leaders including the heads of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Senegal who had taken part in talks during the day were not invited to the function.

The dinner came just hours after a “working lunch” consisting of six courses including white asparagus and truffle soup, crab and a supreme of chicken.

The lavish dining arrangements – disclosed by the Japanese Government which is hosting the summit in Hokkaido – come amid growing concern over rising food prices triggered by a shortage of many basic necessities.

On the flight to the summit, Mr Brown urged Britons to cut food waste as part of a global drive to help avert the food crisis. [More…]

Would Bob Denver and Dawn Wells be likely suspects?

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Started feeling a bit peevish about a comment/rant on on of my posts.   At first I was ok and feeling quite gracious.

Decided over the course of a day or three that I was peevish and actually more than peevish – I was pretty much pissed off at being talked down to.

Original post and comment. (Scroll down on that page, you’ll find it. )

I don’t like people telling me what I do and do not know when they have missed the point of my original post entirely.  So, a long reply on a new page.

New Page and rebuttal.

Coming soon – an update to the Puncture Chronicles.  Interesting information that you wouldn’t expect.

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More… still more liberal insanity… gonna figure out a way to take away your right to defend yourself if it kills them. Look, a real whack-job could use speedloaders and do as much damage. A shotgun is pretty easily shortened as well. My point is, GET RID OF THE WHACKJOBS NOT THE GUNS!

D.C. Officials Consider Ban on Semiautomatic Pistols After Blanket Handgun Ban is Struck Down

Monday , July 07, 2008

By Greg Simmons


The Supreme Court’s repeal of the ban on handguns in Washington, D.C., may be a boon for a segment of the firearms industry whose last major windfall was in the heyday of the Dirty Harry movies: those who make and sell revolvers.The court ruled that a blanket ban on handguns is unconstitutional, but D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and other Washington officials want to keep in place a prohibition on semiautomatic handguns — those in which a bullet clip is inserted into the gun’s grip.

Such a ban would continue to outlaw 9-mm and other popular pistols that are legal in most other places around the United States. And it would make the classic six-shooter the only legal handgun in the District.

For revolver manufacturers, a ban on semiautomatics in Washington could be good for business.

“If there’s a total ban on all semiautomatic handguns, oh, absolutely,” said Paul Pluff, spokesman for Smith & Wesson, the nation’s top revolver manufacturer. Smith & Wesson sold 185,000 revolvers in 2006, 48 percent of all revolvers made that year in the United States, according to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms statistics released in January.

Pluff recalled the last time revolver sales went through the roof — back in the 1970s. [More…]


According to this, my children are racist little pigs.


Here’s a real confidence builder

Nose Cone on Northwest Plane Pushed in During Flight

Monday , July 07, 2008


Northwest Airlines says it’s investigating after the nose cone on one of its planes was damaged during flight.The plane had been scheduled to fly to Minneapolis from Tampa, Florida. But that flight was delayed after the plane was damaged sometime during a flight between Detroit and Tampa.

Retired Northwest pilot Richard Duxbury says the plane was likely hit by something, possibly a bird. He says bird strikes can be a significant safety issue.

The airline hasn’t confirmed that a bird hit the plane. In a statement, Northwest says none of the passengers or crew members were hurt in the incident.


Bandaid Blogal Worming – The Fate of Earth Depends on Your Carbon Footprint

Still more evidence that we’re all going to die by drowning and by steaming due to hand-maid globular worming. Credits to The Dude for his keen eye.

I’m disinclined to believe the article. We should never let facts get in the way of our world view. Dr. Hansen at NASA has given us a wonderful roadmap for how to go about neglecting reality.

Are the ice caps melting?

By Steven Goddard
Published Thursday 3rd July 2008 15:46 GMT

(PBEM) The headlines last week brought us terrifying news: The North Pole will be ice-free this summer “for the first time in human history,” wrote Steve Connor in The Independent. Or so the experts at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado predict. This sounds very frightening, so let’s look at the facts about polar sea ice.

As usual, there are a couple of huge problems with the reports.

Firstly, the story is neither alarming nor unique.

In the August 29, 2000 edition of the New York Times, the same NSIDC expert, Mark Serreze, said:

“There’s nothing to be necessarily alarmed about. There’s been open water at the pole before. We have no clear evidence at this point that this is related to global climate change.”

During the summer of 2000 there was “a large body of ice-free water about 10 miles long and 3 miles wide near the pole”. Also in 2000, Dr Claire Parkinson at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center was quoted as saying: “The fact of having no ice at the pole is not so stunning.”

The Tipping Point that wouldn’t tip

Satellite records have been kept for polar sea ice over the last thirty years by the University Of Illinois. In 2007 2008, two very different records were set. The Arctic broke the previous record for the least sea ice area ever recorded, while the Antarctic broke the record for the most sea ice area ever recorded. Summed up over the entire earth, polar ice has remained constant. As seen below, there has been no net gain or loss of polar sea ice since records began.

Last week, Dr James Hansen from NASA spoke about how CO2 is affecting the polar ice caps.

“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes… The Arctic is the first tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would,” he said.

Well, not exactly.

Hansen is only telling half the story. In the 1980s the same Dr Hansen wrote a paper titled Climate Sensitivity to Increasing Greenhouse Gases [pdf], in which he explained how CO2 causes “polar amplification.” He predicted nearly symmetrical warming at both poles. As shown in Figure 2-2 from the article, Hansen calculated that both the Arctic and Antarctic would warm by 5-6 degrees Centigrade. His predictions were largely incorrect, as most of Antarctica has cooled and sea ice has rapidly expanded. The evidence does not support the theory. [More…]

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Erm.   A title over at the Times Online site.

‘Germ warfare’ fear over African monkeys taken to Iran

Could it not be possible that Iran is merely interested in simian welfare unlike the rest of the world?  They might really care about wiping out disease from our monkey brethren, having been torn with remorse and urged by compassion to do the right thing.

Why must people always assume the worst of Iran?

Marburg Virus (Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever) – Not saying anything… just sayin’.

Hundreds of endangered monkeys are being taken from the African bush and sent to a “secretive” laboratory in Iran for scientific experiments.

An undercover inquiry by The Sunday Times has revealed that wild monkeys, which are banned from experiments in Britain, are being freely supplied in large numbers to laboratories in other parts of the world. All will undergo invasive and maybe painful experiments leading ultimately to their death.

One Tanzanian dealer, Nazir Manji, who runs African Primates, an animal-supplying company based in Dar es Salaam, said that in recent years he had been selling up to 4,000 vervet monkeys a year to laboratories, charging about £60 each.

Vervets are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites). Despite this they are being routinely caught and sold to any buyer prepared to pay.

Another Tanzanian dealer, Filbert Rubibira, was asked last year to prepare an order of monkeys to send to the Chinese military for “scientific purposes”. The deal was cancelled at the last minute for reasons that were unclear.  [more…]

Source:  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/africa/article4276460.ece

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My home state.  My goodness.

Isn’t America great?  Where you can risk your life in stupid pursuits any day of the week.   It may be stupid, but I support his right to be a nincompoop if he wants!

Yep, there’s a man under all those balloons.  Armed with a pellet gun and a parachute, the entrepid adventurer set forth…

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The Pray at the Pump Movement

That’s it. That’s all I’m posting.

I’m all for prayer. I’m all for pumping gas. But I draw the line at combining the two activities.

I lied.  I’m posting more.  I’m sure the town is very proud of their officers.  If only they could get them to stop screaming and sobbing like little girls.

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Dems vs. ACLU?

Note:  For “Dems vs. ACLU” please see the chicken-wire graphic below.

UPDATE: Oh ha ha. Really damned funny you @$$wipes. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25484835/from/ET/

Oops! Woman’s house gets razed by mistake

7:55 p.m. ET, Tues., July. 1, 2008

JACKSON, Miss. – A Jackson State University official blames pranksters for the mistaken demolition of a house — and everything in it. Owner Annie Wilson of Dallas said trying to get fair compensation has been a nightmare.

Vice president Troy Stovall said Jackson State bought the lot next to hers for potential expansion. He says somebody moved signs with the address and a notice that it belonged to the school onto Wilson’s lot — so the contractor worked at the wrong site.

The 713-square-foot house had been appraised for just over $10,000. The school offered Wilson $8,000 in May. She says someone from the state finance department offered $20,000 on Thursday.

Update #2: Oh Yes, it’s much better to see someone sell their body for money than gas. All the difference in the world. Probably one of the stupider statements I have heard lately.

Update #3: Here we have evidence of a schism that isn’t being helped to heal with cute stunts.


Ok, now this is something I never expected, even though the liberal movement in the US typically has in common with each other only one thing: Hatred of conservatives. Ok, two things… Hatred of conservatives and Bush. Ok, three things… conservatives, Bush, and Rush Limbaugh. Ok… well crap… they hate lots of things but they agree on damn little that isn’t involved with their personal pet ideology. It all comes from within, it appears.

But the democrats stifling protests behind chicken-wire?

I guess they only support fences when it serves their purposes. Found a good cartoon on Stashiu’s blog… (comic strip “Day by Day” – click the image below if it is too small)

DNC Protests Will Be Behind Fence

The fence around the public demonstration zone outside the Democratic National Convention will be chicken wire or chain link, authorities revealed in U.S. District Court today.

That may allow protestors to be seen and heard by delegates going in and out of the Pepsi Center during the convention.

But the American Civil Liberties Union and several advocacy groups have filed an amended complaint to their lawsuit against the U.S. Secret Service and the city and county of Denver that says protestors and demonstrators may have their First Amendment rights violated by security restrictions.

The ACLU has said it wants to avoid the conditions that existed during the 2004 convention in Boston, where protesters were caged, infuriating First Amendment advocates.


In other news, which isn’t shocking at all, certain people are itching to call Amadinejad’s bluff.

HERZLIYA, Israel – Israel should use force to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, urged a former director of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency in an exclusive interview with WND.

The comments from Meir Amit, one of the most esteemed figures in the Israeli intelligence establishment, are significant since, until now, he has refused to support an attack against Iran.

Maybe by the time Iran blockades Hormuz, $250 a barrel of oil won’t be so bad.

It will severely put a cramp in Wal-Mart, where everything is 78% plastic or your money back (including some of the food). No longer will you be able to buy shoddy chinese plastic crap for $0.99. You’ll be able to buy shoddy chinese plastic crap for $8! What a deal folks! Imagine it: You find that perfect plastic dog-turd that you have searched for all your life, you walk up to the counter with trembling fingers, plunk that turd down on the counter, take your velcro camo wallet out and pull out a fresh-minted $50 bill and get your seven cents in change back in bright new pennies. Now you can buy that operation for your sister with the change!


You cannot make this stuff up. I dare you to try…

You can’t.


More (old) news… stuff has been circulating around a while now that questions Obama’s citizenship. Stuff would read like what I was sent tonight:

Barack Obama is not a legal U.S. natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between December 24, 1952, to November 13, 1986. Federal Law requires that the office of President requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents. This is what exempts John McCain, though he was born in the US Panama Canal Zone .

US Law very clearly states: ‘. . . If only one parent is a U.S. Citizen at the time of one’s birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for minimum ten years, five of which must be after the age of 16.’ Barack Obama’s father was not a U.S. Citizen is a fact.

Obama’s mother was only 18 when Obama was born. This means eve n though she had been a U.S. Citizen for 10 years, (or citizen of Hawaii being a territory), his mother fails the test for at-least-5-years- prior-to Barack Obama’s birth, but-after-age- 16.

Got that? Well, stop salivating. The rationale why that doesn’t work is:

Credit to: John Crewdson

Now pay strict attention, because I’m only going to explain this once: Is Barack Obama a natural-born citizen of the United States and therefore eligible to become president? The answer is yes, according to Ron Gotcher, a noted California immigration lawyer and The Swamp’s resident expert on presidential eligibility.

“The poster’s confusion,” Gotcher writes, “is over the concepts of jus sanguinis and jus soli.” Under jus sanguinis, a person’s citizenship is transmitted “by the blood” – by inheritance from his or her parents or grandparents. In the United States, we recognize citizenship through parentage in a number of cases.

But it is not necessary to look to the statutes that deal with citizenship through jus sanguinis, since Senator Obama’s citizenship derives from jus soli – citizenship through place of birth.

According to Gotcher, “The Fourteenth Amendment commands that “[a]ll persons born or naturalized in the United States , and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

“This was clarified by the Civil Rights Act of April 9, 1866, which provided that ‘All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power are declared to be citizens of the United States.'”

“Senator Obama was born in the State of Hawaii two years after it became a state on Aug.21, 1959 As such, he acquired United States citizenship automatically at birth. While it is not necessary to go into all of the other legal errors contained in the posting (and there are many), the simple fact is that, with rare exceptions (children of diplomats), everyone born in the United States is a citizen of the United States at birth.”

source: http://weblogs.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/blog/2008/06/is_barack_obama_a_us_citizen_y.html

As much as I detest the guy, I hope to hell that the matter of his citizenship continues to be borne out to be true and valid. Do you have any idea of the violence that would occur over a technicality this late in the game? The worst of it is that he’d become a martyr. You can’t fight martyrs.

Plus, I think he actually is a citizen, I’m not just saying that because I’m afraid of bloodshed. If he wasn’t a citizen, I’d say “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war” (Act Three, scene one, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare) and be damned the consequences.

(Brando, da MAN – in Julius Caesar, 1953)

If you care, the segment where Marc Antony returns to find Caesar (dead) goes thusly:

O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
Thou art the ruins of the noblest man
That ever lived in the tide of times.
Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
Over thy wounds now do I prophesy,–
Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips,
To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue–
A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;
Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter’d with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

Beautiful, no?


I can die happy – all warm, fuzzy, and validated. Sean M. posted over at doubleplusundead (welcome to the group over there, Sean) what he found on the Urban Dictionary. Go over there and look his stuff up OR head over to The Brea Canyon Monument – he’s got some fun stuff to read. Really. Would I lie to you? Anyway, I’m slapping what he put down verbatim because I’m cheap, lazy, and it keeps my word count up.

moronosphere: That sector of cyberspace which is home to the slack jawed troglodytes, knuckle draggers, and hopelessly reactionary among the world’s netizens.

I’ve always wanted to be known for my slack-jawed troglodytedness quotient.

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Those of us who believe in the Right to Bear Arms believe that the US would have a lot less horsesh*t happening to good people if more than just criminals carried weapons.

Like so…

Man Cleared for Killing Neighbor’s Burglars

‘Castle Doctrine’ Gives Texans Unprecedented Authority to Take Action Against Intruders


June 30, 2008—

A Texas man who shot and killed two men he believed to be burglarizing his neighbor’s home won’t be going to trial. A grand jury today failed to indict Joe Horn, a 61-year-old computer technician who lives in an affluent subdivision in Pasadena, Texas.

In the Lone Star state, where the six-gun tamed the frontier, shooting bad guys is a time-honored tradition, and Horn’s case centered on a Texas state law based on the old idea that “a man’s home is his castle.” The “castle law” gives Texans unprecedented legal authority to use deadly force in their homes, vehicles and workplaces. And no longer do they have an obligation to retreat, if possible, before they shoot.

“I understand the concerns of some in the community regarding Mr. Horn’s conduct,” Harris County District Attorney Kenneth Magidson told reporters at the courthouse. “The use of deadly force is carefully limited in Texas law to certain circumstances. … In this case, however, the grand jury concluded that Mr. Horn use of deadly force did not rise to a criminal offense.”

‘I’m Gonna Shoot!’ Horn called 911 in November to report a burglary in broad daylight at the house next door.

“I’ve got a shotgun; you want me to stop him?” Horn asked the dispatcher.

(Mossberg 500AL – Image added by Lemur King – know your weapon!)

“Nope. Don’t do that,” the dispatcher replied. “Ain’t no property worth shooting somebody over, OK?”

[ “Ain’t no property worth shooting somebody over…” Who the hell made up that silly idea? Some liberal, is my guess. Someone who thinks it’s better to just lie down and take it all your life, like a good sheep. I mean, really… who decided that was a good thing to say? And what did they base it on? Certainly not the right to protect self and others against criminals. I’m not saying I’d have done what he did in that particular instance but neither am I going to batter him for it. Of course, you never know until you’re in that situation, do you? – LK ]

Horn was clearly upset by the dispatcher’s response.

“I’m not gonna let them get away with it,” he said. “I can’t take a chance getting killed over this, OK.”

Despite the dispatcher’s protects, Horn said, “I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna shoot!”

The 911 dispatcher warned Horn to stay inside at least a dozen separate times, telling him, “An officer is coming out there. I don’t want you to go outside that house.”

Then Horn sounding angrier by the moment cited the new Texas law.

“OK, but I have a right to protect myself too, sir,” he said. “And you understand that. And the laws have been changed in this country since September the first, and you know it and I know it.”

Moments later, Horn saw two burglars leave his neighbor’s house, one of them carrying a bag filled with cash and jewelry.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Horn said. “Stay in the house,” the dispatcher said. “They’re getting away,” Horn replied. “That’s all right,” the dispatcher said. “Property’s not worth killing someone over. OK?” “—damn it,” said Horn, who then defied the dispatcher.

“Well, here it goes, buddy, you hear the shotgun clicking, and I’m going,” he said.

“Don’t go outside,” the dispatcher warned.

Self-Defense? Horn says he came out his front door, down his porch and confronted the two burglars. The next sounds heard on the 911 tape are Horn ordering the two men to stop & and then shooting them both.

“Move you’re dead,” he said, and fired his shotgun three times.

“Both suspects were shot in the back,” Pasadena Police Captain A.H. “Bud” Corbett said. “Not at the same angle, but both suspects were hit in the back.”

Horn fatally shot the burglars, two illegal immigrants from Colombia named Diego Ortiz and Miguel de Jesus. Stephanie Storey, De Jesus’ fiancée, wanted to see Joe Horn prosecuted.

“This man took the law into his own hands,” she said. “He shot two individuals in the back after having been told over and over to stay inside. It was his choice to go outside and his choice to take two lives.”

Horn turned down an ABC News request for an interview but his attorney Tom Lambright insists Horn was entirely justified.

“He was afraid for his life,” Lambright said. “He was afraid for his safety, and then they charged him. I don’t think Joe had time to make a conscious decision. I think he only had time to react to what was going on. Short answer is, he was defending his life. ”

Lambright acknowledged that the 911 dispatcher urged Horn to stay inside but said, “Joe was doing what he thought was necessary. As a man, he thought it was his duty to protect his house, his neighborhood, his community.”

The Horn case has aroused plenty of passion. At a recent demonstration outside his home, police in riot gear stood by as activists demanded prosecution while counter-demonstrators defended him, including a group of bikers led by Randy Laird.

“In this grand jury decision, we look for a complete acquittal, no charge of any kind, and that’s what we believe will be right,” Laird said then. “That’s what’s going to make either the Castle Doctrine stand or fall.”

The Castle Next Door Some prosecutors are wary of “Castle Law.”

“There’s too many imponderables in this law, whereas the previous law was working just fine,” said Warren Diepraam, the Harris County Assistant District Attorney. “Frankly, life is precious.”

The critical legal question hinged on whether Horn acted in a reasonable way to defend his neighbor’s property.

“You cannot take another person’s life in defense of their property unless you’re somehow given permission by the other person to protect their property,” Diepraam said.

On that 911 call, the dispatcher asked Horn directly about the owners of the house that was being burglarized, and whether he knew them.

“I really don’t know these neighbors,” Horn said. “I know the neighbors on the other side really well & I can assure you if it had been their house, I’d already have done something.” Still, Lambright says that his client “absolutely” had his neighbors’ permission.

“There’s no question about it,” he said. “They’d tell you today that they are very happy that he was there and that he was watching out. Every neighbor in the state of Texas watches out for one another.”

“In most situations, calling 911 is the best remedy, not calling out for your 9-millimeter,” Diepraam said.

‘A No-Brainer’ Damon Barone, who killed a burglar in his own home, isn’t sure whether Joe Horn was justified, but he does believe the Castle Doctrine has already delivered a crystal clear message to criminals.

Barone said that in Texas, the occupational hazard of burglarizing someone’s home is “death.”

“If you’re lucky, you’ll get arrested and sent to jail,” he said.

In December 2007, Barone confronted a burglar breaking into his Houston home in the middle of the night. His wife, baby daughter and 6-year-old son were asleep when Barone heard a commotion and grabbed his Glock handgun.

“I heard a crashing through my window & [in] my bedroom, and I got my gun,” Barone said.

“When I came around the corner, I saw the silhouette in my window, I pointed my weapon, I fired three times,” he said.

Asked if he was shooting to kill, Barone said, “Yes.”

The burglar Barone shot dead had a lengthy criminal record, and Barone had a permit for his gun. Even before the new law, he certainly could have been justified in using deadly force. But the “Castle Law” gives Barone added protection from criminal prosecution and even civil lawsuits.

Barone is “positive” that he did the right thing.

“And if I had to do it over again, I would,” he added. “I mean, that’s the safety of my family over us being hurt. It’s a no-brainer for me.”

So in Texas, the old tradition of shooting bad guys carries on. The big question now is whether a man’s castle also includes & his neighbor’s home.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/print?id=5278638

Good for him. There are now potentially hundreds fewer people who will be victimized by these criminals over what would have been their career. If crooks were a lot more concerned about dying for what they hope to steal, they wouldn’t do it.

Many thanks to The Dude for passing this on.


Speaking of nuts… I’m kind of glad that there are some authorities out there who are vigilant.  Wonder what the hell this creature was thinking…?

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