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Now, don’t get me wrong, I felt bad for the residents of New Orleans, I really did.  It was horrible that so many people lost homes there – Katrina did all the right things from a hurricane’s point of view.

Here comes Gustav.

And I want to be absolutely clear:

I don’t want any more of my tax dollars going to take care of people who live BELOW SEA LEVEL IN HURRICANE COUNTRY.

The last disaster relief was a boondoggle.  People all over spotted that pile of money from a long long way off and milked it for all it was worth.

There comes a certain point where you stop feeling sorry for the guy who lost all his money at the racetrack because ultimately there’s no one to blame but him, and it’s not your fault or responsibility.  Let me ask you this:

Q: A guy demands money from the townspeople because his houseboat on the Mississippi River has just been smashed to flinders for the third time in 15 years.  Should you feel sorry for him?

A: No way!  He’s lived on the freakin’ RIVER…  You idiot.  Rivers FLOOD.  There’s not an insurance company in the world that would insure that houseboat.

So too, goes Louisiana.

Nagin is the houseboat owner.  NO is the houseboat.  The Mississippi is played by… you get the idea, right?

But Louisiana is going to scream bloody blue murder again when New Orleans gets hit.  And the gov’t is going to leap into action.  And you’re going to see that federal debt go that much higher.

And in the richest country in the world, you wonder why you’re putting money into social security that you’ll never see, and why you’re saving on top of SS just to take care of yourself like everyone should have been doing all along.


And now, boys and girls, it’s time to do the Botox Bump!  Well, I guess the bump wouldn’t be such a good idea.  Those unsightly wrinkles in my ass – remember them?  Well, Botox does have a few issues.  (emphasis mine)

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned in February that using Botox can have serious side effects including death…


Got that?  Death is a side effect now.  When did the FDA downgrade death from a “serious Goddamned condition” to a “side effect”?  C’mon folks, a side effect is a rash or cramping of the testicles or dissolving bones.


Hello everyone!  Can I have your attention?  On the form, where it says “Enter cause of Death” could you cross that out and write in “Enter cause of Side Effect”, please?  Thanks ever so much darlin’s!

A thimblefull (give or take) of botulinum toxin is reported by those apparently smarter than I (it’s all hear-say so far) to be able to kill every man, woman, child, lemur, mustelid, and liberal alive.

Only cockroaches and Michael Moore will survive.  But then I do repeat myself, don’t I?

Supposedly the LD50 for Botulinum toxin is 1ng/Kg.   I’m having a hard time multiplying that out and getting a thimbleful, but that is beside the point!  My point, Constant Reader, is that this sh*t is poison and in vanity-oh-so-dire, it is only then that it “makes sense” to inject ourselves with poison to enhance our looks.


Update on the pups.

Did you know that puppies GROW?

Zana, still my favorite

Zana, still my favorite

Zuko, still laid back

Zuko, still laid back

Zeke, curioser and curioser...

Zeke, curioser and curioser...

Zane, genetic mutation bruiser dog...

Zane, genetic mutation bruiser dog...

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Yep, yesterday was a day with Le Porcupine… So, after so many weeks, a new addition to the page.


She’s honest, and that counts for a lot, even if she is a limpid milquetoast.  Pleas for Nannies…


Here is an idea that is so clever and disgusting that I HAD to link the guy’s site.  Go visit Nik’s site.  Wonderful site, some stuff may be NSF or un-kid-friendly, but use your best judgement.

BriefSafe on mmoabc.com

The problem with most safes is that experienced burglers know how to crack them. “Brief Safe” offers the next best thing which is basically stained underwear that securely stores valuables in a 4″ x 10″ secret compartment with velcro closure. Available now for $9 from Shomer


Next, I find over at “This Goes to 11” from a post about a militant FemiNazi who is militantly pro-choice to the point where she is critical of not killing your Down’s Syndrome child. Get that?

I’m pasting the F-Nazi’s link here but I’m not linking it because frankly I don’t want her to splash her frothy foamy saliva all over my site.   She the individual, personified, who I did the “so you’re a feminist…” graphic about – You can only fight that kind of self-absorption with mockery.


But the important thing (other than that she’s a sworn right-to-kill-your-child raver) is that the Feminazi is critical of Sarah Palin, who I actually wish had run for the PRESIDENTIAL position.  Beats anything else that the Republican party was graced with this cycle.  Complaints are that Palin is less experienced than Obama, but here’s the real point:   I know what she stands for but all I can tell is that Obama is about rainbows, change, healing, and unity.  NONE of those is a position!  They are feel-good words that tell me not a damn thing.

Preston’s closing remark over at Six Meat Buffet – it is exactly right:

While I’d prefer a PALIN/McCain ticket, this will have to do.


Oh drats, now I’m non-family friendly.  A site that reads your blog and assigns you a rating.

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou

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News Flash

Drudge Report shows a McCain/Palin pairing for the election.  He could have done worse – much worse.  Let me rephrase that… he did good, about as good as it gets.  Weasel has some interesting factoids about her.

On another hand, here’s more proof that Obama is high.


This is a PROBLEM???  When was the last time you really felt like taking a shot of alcohol via your eyeball?

DOCTORS yesterday warned against a new craze of taking alcohol through an eye socket.

Pubs and clubs are selling drinks to be taken through the eye because revellers believe they get them drunk quicker and stay in their system longer.

– – –

I’ve whinged about this before, but I’m not the only one noticing that the blogosphere is silent as a morgue lately, right?  I figured 1-2 weeks, but this is… silent.

– – –

Sorry, but if this is the new way to get votes… is it any wonder why people are so ill-informed at the voting precincts?  Look, if you’re really on top of topics and the facts and issues, you’re probably not going to register via an XBOX because you’d have already done it via other means.  Most (most, not all) XBOX players will not be of the mentality to be well-informed on the issues.  Sorry, it’s just true.  So why do I want to get people who don’t know what the **** they are doing out to vote?  I would only want that if they were pliable human putty.  How have we gotten here?  Me, I want people to have to prove that they know a certain minimum level about the topics before they are allowed near a booth.  Allowing an XBOX to be a mode of registration is just asking to move a step closer to this:

“Oh, but that is disenfranchisement!” they say.  HUH?  Is it too much to ask that people know what they are doing before casting votes?  This is serious stuff, and it isn’t about the hairdo, the boyish dimples, our feelings about change, the power-pantsuits… this is about the platform, the issues, and the candidate’s past voting record.

When was the last time you heard someone say “I can’t vote for that guy because I looked up his voting record and it both sucked and blew”?  When was the last time you could say that?

Remember, every time we lower the bar, we are setting the new default.  Fini.


Sixteen hours of the last twenty-four.  Staring at a design.  Drinking coffee.  Staring at design.  Waiting for modeling program to catch up.  Grinding molars.  Drinking more coffee.  Go to the bathroom, realize I haven’t gotten out of my chair yet.  You know the drill.

Just got done 25 minutes ago.  No, I’m not done, but I’m done if you know what I mean.  Stick a fork in my ass and turn me over.  I’d drink but I don’t drink anymore.

Here’s what I see when I look at my desk:

My vision as of right now.

Yep.  Double vision.  What’s worse is there’s no apple on my desk.  Seriously though, that is an artist’s impression of what an apple could look like if it were indeed, sitting on my desk.

I suspect it is somehow linked to the blood from my sinuses, a raspy nasty cough, a truly bitchin’ headache, low-grade fever, and foul taste in my mouth.  If it’s still bothering me in a few weeks I’ll get it checked out.  Driving is a cinch – I just close one eye.   Financially I feel more secure – basically all I have to do is look at my money and it practically doubles.  Luckily I can touch type.


Why do newspaper outlets even write obituaries in advance?

It’s pretty damn ghoulish, if you ask me.  Turns out it ends up being foolish too.


Let’s talk about the kid’s new nickname: Lucky.

Disposable diaper breaks fall, saves child’s life

A disposable diaper has saved the life of an 18-month-old boy, breaking his fall from a third-floor apartment window, officials said Thursday.

Caua Felipe Massaneiro survived a 30-foot (10-meter) fall because his diaper snagged on a security spike embedded in the concrete wall around his apartment building in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife.

The boy dangled from the spike for a moment, then “the diaper opened and the baby fell to the ground, but at a much slower speed,” a police officer said. “The diaper obviously lessened the impact of the fall and saved the baby’s life.”

“It was a miracle,” said the officer who declined to be identified because she was not authorized to speak to the press. “He could also have been killed by one of the spikes.”


It’s already old news but the thing is, it hasn’t been reversed in a damned court yet!

As students get ready to start their classes, the teacher in a small Texas country school, packs a gun together with their lessons. The school is located near the border with Oklahoma and is believed to be the first school to allow weapons in the classroom.

According to the school’s officials, teachers with guns are the only way to protect the school, located 30 minutes from the closest police station.

“How do you stop the angry person without enough sense? It’s not going to take very long for it to be a total massacre,” said Superintendent David Thweatt of the Harrold Independent School District.

This is what I think teachers ought to be allowed to carry (keep one step ahead of the bad guys):

Yes, I know somebody is going to have to write to me and tell me all the reasons why it’s stupid to show that weapon.  Well… don’t.  If you want to have a discussion, I’d love it, but if you’re flexing your brain/ego, go do that with Mensa.

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Sure wouldn’t think so…  I want to know why ABC didn’t scream blue bloody murder.  Perhaps there was more to the story?

Evilly filming attendees on the sidewalk.  Emphasis mine.  Nice fellas.

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors

Asa Eslocker Was Investigating the Role of Lobbyists and Top Donors at the Convention


Police in Denver arrested an ABC News producer today as he and a camera crew were attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of Democratic Senators and VIP donors leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel.

Police on the scene refused to tell ABC lawyers the charges against the producer, Asa Eslocker, who works with the ABC News investigative unit.

A cigar-smoking Denver police sergeant, accompanied by a team of five other officers, first put his hands on Eslocker’s neck, then twisted the producers arm behind him to put on handcuffs.

A police official later told lawyers for ABC News that Eslocker is being charged with trespass, interference, and failure to follow a lawful order. He also said the arrest followed a signed complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel.

The sheriff’s officer is seen telling Eslocker the sidewalk is owned by the hotel. Later he is seen pushing Eslocker off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic, forcing him to the other side of the street.

It was two hours later when Denver police arrived to place Eslocker under arrest, apparently based on a complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel, a central location for Democratic officials.

During the arrest, one of the officers can be heard saying to Eslocker, “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you.”

source:  http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/Conventions/story?id=5668622&page=1

Working until WAY late tonight, so not much to post unless I say “**** it” and quit.



Ann Arbor is a hop-skip-jump from here (and I work in Ann Arbor), so this story posted by Sean over at the Brea Canyon Monument struck a chord.  I immediately told Cruel Wife that the lesson here was never, and I mean NEVER sell my DVD’s.

Wonder what she does for an encore?  Sells credit cards out of his wallet?


(more breaktime)

But this guy broke the law, and he did it badly.  You have to elect to be this stupid.

Illinois Man Arrested After Sending Two Hostages on Beer Run

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


An Illinois man who police say held five people hostage in a Fort Madison motel was arrested after he sent two of his hostages on a beer run.Police say 33-year-old Jason Slagel, of Moline, Ill., is charged with five counts of false imprisonment and going armed with intent. They say Slagel pulled a knife during an argument Tuesday night with another man and told the people in the room that they wouldn’t be allowed to leave.

One man was cut and Slagel had a cut on his hand, but police say the injuries weren’t serious.

Police say that after awhile, Slagel got thirsty and sent two of his hostages out for beer.

After the hostages left, they called police and Slagel was arrested without incident.

(later, much later)

*I am just a poor boy though my story is seldom told…*    *i walk in the air, between the rain, through myself and back again where? i
don’t know*

*Lost in a Roman…wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane*

*You’ve got another plan of action
But we all know it ain’t never gonna work
It must be hard having dog dreams
That never come true*

*but it looked to me like he’d died
and missed the plane to heaven
but he was a nice ol’ guy
for a younger man
he had a bottle of mad dog
he held in his hand

*Everythings stuck together
I dont know what you expect starring into the tv set*

So, you’re wondering if you missed something.  Uh, no.  Well, yes you did.  You missed about an hour ago when I had three fuses just vaporize with a pop and a nasty ozone smell and a muskier smell of something unsavory burning inside my head.  Then I turned the volume up and kept working.  Figured if I haven’t keeled over yet, I must be all right.  The solid model in front of me is starting to flow and waver, and it is like a high-tech version of a Carlos Castaneda novel.  All those lyrics are from the music pouring into my quivering brain.  What’s left of it, anyway.  I haven’t exactly taken inventory, if you know what I mean.  I just don’t think… hey!  Who’s hungry?

This is my concession to damage mitigation, which is to type at you, Constant Reader (who surely must have deserted me long ago after reading this, thus making me either a liar or enmeshed in a psychotic episode).   For some reason there is catharsis in writing even though the words may only be viewed by… well, even nobody.  It’s like putting it on paper and pushing it away from you or being able to put your arms around the whole thing so as to understand it.  Whatever “it” is, typically.

It’s now 1:42am and I’ve been going since 9:30 yesterday morning.  Can I do 36 hours?  Dunno.  Do I want to try?  About as much as putting my nether regions in a sliding glass door and slamming it a few times.  Lesson to the wise:  Don’t promise what you know is not reasonably possible.  Not if you have scruples/morals/magic-eightball.

Now 2:08 and the break has helped clear my brain a bit.

Over at Weasel’s Allen has just opined that he’d love to see a bunch of Obama worshippers fall to the ground after BO levitates into his temple accompanied by an overhead holographic rainbow.  He said they also need to be writhing on the ground and speaking in tongues.  I have coined the term “Obamaglossolalia” to capture the essence (hope no one has already come up with it – google had no hits) – the essence of a bunch of libtard moonbats with no self control, lots of hero-worship, and a generous dollop of babbling meaningless and totally unintelligible phrases like “change” and “hope” and “unity”.  Good words, all.  But next to meaningless for the task at hand, that of elucidating a concrete policy on which to run for POTUS.

Ok, so, I feel much better now.  Back to it.

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Update #1:   God, Clinton is such a douchebag.

“Suppose for example you’re a voter and you have candidate X and you have candidate Y,” Clinton said. “Candidate X agrees with you on everything but you don’t think that person can deliver on anything. Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues but you believe that on the other half, the candidate will be able to deliver.”

“This is the kind of question that I predict — and this heas nothing to do with what’s going on now — but I am just saying if you look at five, 10, 15 years from now, you may actually see this delivery issue become a serious issue in Democratic debates because it is so hard to figure out how to turn good intentions into real changes in the lives of the people we represent.”

“And this has nothing to do with what is going on now?”  Oh cripes you utter creep, didn’t we get enough of that kind of dialogue and monologue in the 90’s?  I agree with the next quote.

“I don’t think the Clintons’ feelings would be hurt” if Obama lost the 2008 election, said Republican strategist Chip Saltsman.

Update #2: This is why organized charity (1) sucks, and (2) should be watched very very carefully.


At first I thought this image was P-Shopped, but after some digging around… yes and no.  It is a double exposure and it was taken at dusk.  Kofa Mountains in Arizona.  It’s a beauty, our Milky Way.  (Source:  http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov)

More at home, down-to-earth-wise, is a exoskeleton to help former Israeli paratrooper Radi Kaiof walk again.  Mechanized walker for a man paralyzed 20 some-odd years.  Pretty cool.

Walking with an exoskeleton

Lastly, if you are like me you are tired of software shooting you in the leg when you want to do media-ripping.   Try ’em out:



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Update #1 (regular stuff below this): Control Freak Dems to Hold Second Roll Call at HOTELS (to better manipulate the process).

Shades of China at the Olympics!!!  By God, lets not have the truth out!  That would be the worst thing one could do.  So let’s orchestrate and manipulate so it’s more palatable to the masses.

From the Denver Post:

Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton furiously circulated petitions on the floor of the Democratic National Convention last night, hoping to stave off a plan to hold the convention’s roll call at breakfast Wednesday — out of the public eye — sources inside the delegations said.

The move being worked out between the Obama campaign and officials behind Clinton’s suspended bid, would work in two parts: Delegates would cast votes at their hotels Wednesday morning; that night, at the Pepsi Center convention site, the roll-call process would rely on the votes cast that morning, the delegates said.

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, a former state co-chair for Clinton said she knows the camps are in negotiations about what to do.

“My view is we need to come together as a party,” DeGette said. “I admire Hillary Clinton greatly, but I think it would be divisive to have a vote on the floor. We need to have a unanimous vote.”  [more…]

Update #2:  Homicide bomber girl gives herself up.

Update #3:  Surely people have better common sense in these things.  On BOTH sides.  Right?  No.

Update #4:  Falling the Friendly Skies.  With style?


I have smoked pork on the brain.  I had to let it out, lest the voices take over.

Smoked Pork - Good for You!

Smoked Pork - Good for You!

The dog one below was e:mailed to me.  I have no idea what the source was.

The Winner at Dog Training School

The Winner at Dog Training School

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Ok, so it has a few bugs…


This is always embarassing.

But hey, everyone makes mistakes.  I’ve made them and probably make them daily, and NASA folks, doctors, pet stylists, SEALS, dogs, lawyers, and columnists do too.   So on the next example, I’m not singling them out for abuse.  Just a good example, that’s all.

Of course, you do remember the NOAA-N-Prime incident, right?  Somebody must’ve been canned and a lot of engineers and scientists must’ve gone home to get drunk.

Cost of a Satellite: $230M

24 Flight-Qual Bolts: $500

Man-hours to Check the System for Missing Bolts Before Tipping It:  $3000

Cost to Repair After Dropping It On the Floor:  $135,000,000 (almost priceless)




Some animals are more equal than others

I’ve heard of reinventing yourself, but this is beyond ridiculous.

THIS is more like it!!!

And these are numbers that would get Hillary all hot and sweaty, because it would help her argument that she’s the better candidate and help make more room for when she sticks the knife in.

Why?  It’s how they’ve always done it…

Pelosi Tells Disappointed Clinton Supporters to Avoid ‘Victim Politics’


Because GOD FORBID that we should ever expose our children to exceptional people. This is the sort of thing that is killing this generation and several others in recent history.  We must never expose our children to their fears, their failures, or teach them to grow, because it might hurt them.

Baseball Team’s Pitcher, 9, Ousted for Being Too Good

FoxNews – Aug. 25, 2008

A Connecticut youth baseball team with a phenomenal 9-year-old pitcher has been disqualified because its team is too good.

The team, Will Power Fitness, has an 8-0 record thanks in large part to pitcher Jericho Scott, the New Haven Register reports. His pitching is so fast and accurate, the Liga Juvenil De Baseball De New Haven asked the team’s coach, Wilfred Vidro, to replace him so he wouldn’t frighten other players.

“The spirit of the league was community, family, well-being, nurturing,” Peter Noble, the league’s attorney, told the Register. “It’s an extended family and it’s been disrupted.”

On Saturday, Jericho and his team showed up to the ballfield despite the fact the league canceled the game because they feared an “unhealthy environment” due to parental bickering, Noble told the paper. Jericho’s parents, Nicole and Leroy, planned to meet with an attorney on Monday.


“C’mon kid, you shouldn’t be so gifted so we’re going to can you.” There’s a wonderful life lesson for you.  Cuts both ways, too.  “Gee kids, you’re such a bunch of milquetoasts that you’ll never have a chance unless we protect you.”  And by such logic the Welfare System was born.

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Swine Flu


Was sent a comic strip today, with the sender claiming that he thought I would get a kick out of it.  I was the person he thought of when he sent it.  Flattered?  Offended?  I don’t rightly know which I should be.  All I could say was “Well played, Sir”.

Click on it for the larger version…

Update #2:  Oh yeah, this looks good.  Taekwando athlete kicks judge.  No excuse, sorry.  It would pack a little more punch if the Olympic judges penalized the country, not just the player, and made them sit out the next Olympics.


That’s my new name for what happened tonight.  A buddy of mine who I will refer to as the Two-Wheeled Bambi-Killer came over with his wife and kidlet, they mingled with Cruel Wife and my kidlets, and we ate ourselves silly.

Please note that I wholeheartedly endorse his Bambi-Killing.  Young animals are delicious.

Picture it… 6lbs of spare ribs – St. Louis style cut.  The cartilage side cut off and halved, put those to the side.  The rib sections left over, don’t cut them.  Dry rub all of the meat using the special dry rub.

Someone is bound to ask for my dry rub recipe and since I am enormously on-top of things I’ve taken the initiative of posting a picture of the ingredients label I put on my shaker bottle.

Now rub the spice mixture into the meat with gentle (yet firm) massaging motions, being careful to cover every square inch of the meat.  Rub that in until it really adheres to the meat.

Cut a black plastic garbage bag up the side and lay it open.  Put the meat inside the pocket and wrap the whole thing tightly and tape it up – let it get all the lovin’ it can overnight in the fridge.

The next morning, pull the meat out and put it on the counter to warm up.  Fire up the smoker and lay in the water pan with lots of hot water, then add the first grate.  Put the cut off cartilage sections in the terra-cotta clay cooker and cover it – put it on the grate and lay aluminum foil over the top.  [Note:  The terra-cotta clay cooker needs to be presoaked in cold water for 15 minutes prior to use.]  Now take the large rib sections and put them on the top grate in the smoker.  Put the lid on the smoker.  Take off the main body and the lid as a unit to expose the heating element and put a soupcan stuffed with apple wood in the bottom to start smoking.  Return the body and top of the smoker.  Let it smoke/cook for four hours – do NOT lift the lid – just walk away.  Make sure the temperature does not exceed 220F or the meat will be dry jerky, not moist swine.

A clay cookpot.

Add more woodchips to the soupcan.  Do this twice more over the next four hours but take the clay pot out at hour #7.  Yes, you heard me, it’s an eight hour cook-time for the big hunks of meat.  It is a food of love.

When a bone falls out easily or a fork easily separates the meat take it out.  Cut the ribs into 1-2 rib sections and shred the cutoffs that were in the clay cooker.  The cartilage should be just about broken down – you will be able to squish it by pinching or you just won’t find it.  I found two small 1/2″ long pieces, that is all.

“Swine Flu” is my term for being so stuffed with pig that you are sleepy and think you would be better off if you just died.

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Well, you could call it a waste of time but gosh-darn-it, there are some thing that are ok to waste time doing.

What you should call it is the perfect way to get your co-worker fired.  Two of my co-workers – who both quite “innocently” passed these games on to me “uncoordinated” – have conspired to drag my productivity to nil.  They are in such awe of my capabilities and afraid of my intellect that they ply me with time-wasting games in an attempt to derail me.   But I’m on to them.  I’m only letting it ruin HALF of my workday and spending most of my time at home obsessing about the games.  So there, guys… choke on that.  Really, thanks go to The Dude and Diode-Boy.

The game in the pictures below is a physical simulation problem solving on-line game.  Costs nothing, and you can share your solutions with others once you save them and get the link to the save.  Fantastic Contraption.  You build a thing inside of the light blue box – anything you want – using spinny wheels (left/right), free-spinning wheels, a water linkage, and a wood linkage.  When you build the thing you want built, you hit start.  In the example below there is a pink sphere inside my contraption that is the football and we have to get up the hill under or over all those little orange balls that are shortly going to come crashing and rolling down that hill.  The goal is to get the pink football in that big pink square at the top of the hill.

When you hit start, it will start your contraption to running and then it will interact with the world, bouncing, flying off cliffs, climbing – you name it.

(solution: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=806606)

This other puzzle (20 in all, I think) requires you to get that big pink square in the blue staging area into the big pink square on the right hand side.  I just threw out a really smart-assed demonstration using some pretty basic wheels and water linkages in the form of a chain, thinking it would fly off and over the hump by itself.  It worked but not like I’d have ever imagined it.

The next online game is called VectorTD.  You build turrets that have different types of firepower and different amounts.  Some other turrets don’t shoot to kill but they slow the enemy down.  Upgrades boost range and firepower.  You get money per unit of the enemy you kill, and you can turn that around and buy better and better turrets.  Oh yes, you get 20 lives, and each time an enemy makes it through your gauntlet to the end (and pops out at the beginning) you lose a life.  Have fun!

It’s wickedly mindless simple fun but paradoxically it requires good logic and planning to win.  Go have fun.

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Bad Experiment

Those of you who come over here now and then will notice that my layout is back to the old one again.  I loved the colors on the “new” layout except the CSS style designer of that layout just didn’t have a good sense of how to make links distinguishable from the normal text.

There were formatting issues in the sidebar and editing the post could only be done after clicking on a posting’s title, reloading the post in a whole different page, and then “edit post” at the top of the screen.  It was a pain in the ass.  With this style at least I can click “edit” at the bottom of the post and -bingo- there you are.

Otherwise he should be proud of it.  It was a warm and cozy style with a bit of flair.

All in all, I’m more comfortable in my ratty old bathrobe of a blog theme.

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Update: A quick side-trip to a link provided by Scubafreak over at Weasel’s.  The guy has to be engaged in a certain amount of self-loathing shortly after snorting a line of Wasabi powder.

Totally unrelated but still important – I am going to change my blog design yet again because while I love the warm look of these pages, the CSS Whiz who designed it neglected to make it so you could tell what was a link and what wasn’t. This weekend. It’s all about change.

Update #2:  Lucky baby… and a dog that should get steaks once a week for life.

Update #3:  Yeah, this will fly.  Cop claims sex with prostitute wasn’t fun, it was work.


And now, the regular post…

I’ve coined and referred to the SLC (see my definition) a number of times, and today I found on NPR.ORG (talk about shock and awe) a piece written by Dick Meyer.  I can’t tell you how gobsmacked I was at finding this kind of topic on NPR of all places – when I go in there it is like I’m Daniel walking into a den of stoned, mercurial, and self-absorbed lions.  But really, while quite a few people at NPR are indeed biased but they are also polite biased people – usually.  Sometimes they are misguided, but sometimes they get something right.  In “An Age Of American Self-Loathing” we see a self-loathing that is not projected but observed as a true societal phenomenon and is not brought up for self-righteousness’ sake but out of concern for straying away from any values or norms at all (emphasis mine):

In the opening of his new book, Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in the New Millennium, Dick Meyer checks off a list of gripes and social ills of our time. From vulgar t-shirts to the demise of independent stores, the list is, indeed, annoying — even infuriating. Meyer, NPR’s editorial director for digital media, sees it as a reflection of the fall of western civilization. He’s only half-joking about this.

Meyer is troubled by what he sees as an exponential increase in rampant rudeness, corruption and the valuation of getting ahead at others’ expense. He identifies the 1960s as the starting point of a great shift in the American psyche, a time of wonderful progress and enlightenment in such powerful realms as civil rights, but also the beginning of a descent into unfettered me-ism.

“Christopher Lasch, a historian and social critic, was one of the first to worry that the worldview revolutions of the sixties could truly threaten people’s ability to build and lead productive, unselfish adult lives,” Meyer writes. And in his 1978 book The Culture of Narcissism, Lasch blamed selfism, or narcissism, for the decline in American confidence.

I think it’s worse than just narcissism.  It is my belief, my contention, that the narcissism is not even conscious in a lot of cases.  It is a matter of the newer generation of people not knowing any other way to be because they’ve never seen a good example of how to be.

Meyer makes an observation in an op-ed at the Washington Post that has not been lost upon me:

I suppose there’s a place and purpose for public aggression, drunkenness and lewdness. Certainly the Romans enjoyed it in their decline. – Dick Meyer

I mean, come on – when we have all manner of truly disgusting “reality” tv shows and contest shows featuring gluttony combined with forced exercise or nausea-inducing rides only to see who the last person to barf will be… Rome just had a little more class about it, that’s all.  (Which is not saying much)

In another article:

[He] is a man with a list of hates. Meyer, NPR’s new editorial director of digital media, can rattle off plenty of examples: corporations that profess to care about you, the words “managed care,” and reality shows that promise a shot at love with a celebrity called Tila Tequila.

Those are some of the gripes to be found in Meyer’s new book, Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in the New Millennium.

All those little complaints are indicators of something bigger, Meyer told Steve Inskeep: a lack of trust in public leadership and an overall weakening of public morality.

“The 1960s was a symbolic turning point,” Meyer said, citing the decade as a time when personal choice became more important than following tradition.

In his column titled “The 35-Year Bad Mood” he says (emphasis mine):

… no nation on Earth has ever been more long-lived, healthy, well-sheltered, prosperous, safe from foreign intrusion and free in the pursuit of happiness.  But happiness, the social scientists tell us, has declined in America.

Poll numbers and statistics just hint at things deeper. In ways impossible to quantify, Americans have become down on America, allergic to much of what goes on in public.

Many parents, whether they are Christian home-schoolers or urban liberals, feel that pop culture is toxic, and they guard their children from it in ways that were unthinkable a generation ago.  Primetime network television is off-limits because it is mostly violent, potty-mouthed or exploitive. The advertising is grossly sexualized and cravenly materialistic.


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There’s no shortage of strange things today, but it’s a day where I’m going to add things by dribs and drabs.


This is one tolerant mother – some might say too tolerant.

Dressed in a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses, Pantoja was mourned by relatives while propped upright in his mother’s living room.


Father shoots kids’ “friends”. Sorry, but any time someone says “I’m leaving and I’ll be back with friends,” that is a sign that trouble is a-brewin’.  Man should have called the cops, but there is no law that says you have to call the cops rather than defend your home.  Or is there?  Face it, the cops can’t do anything besides tell the kid “don’t do that” and then the kid can just lie in wait.

Reeves’ children claimed a cell phone was stolen. Someone accused Clark of taking it, and he scuffled with another person and was struck several times before leaving and threatening to return with friends, police said.

more soon…

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Noodle Nazi

Update: Epic FAIL. “TS Fay Slams Kite Surfer”.  It’s pretty violent Darwin Award material (critical condition viewed at a distance)… so fair warning.


I ate this some time back and wrote but never posted my review.  Think of it as a public safety announcement or a guidepost.


Quick assessment of the “Taste of Thai” brand “Pad Thai Noodles” product, consumed by Yours Truly, the Lemur King, on this, the Eighteenth Day of the Month of March, the Two Thousand and Eighth Year of Our Lord.  Time:  One O’clock.


Notes of worth:

  1. Sterile by any sense of the word.  Things that live in sulfur vents at the bottom of the ocean would quickly expire in the box while the noodles are nuked in the microwave.
  2. Similarity of the product to it’s advertised name approaches a number so infinitesimally small it is for all practical purposes, zero.
  3. If not removed from carton and eaten within four seconds the product has the consistency of thick library paste yet mimics superglue’s properties perfectly.
  4. If product is eaten within those four seconds (or within five minutes for that matter) the temperature is sufficiently high to immediately cause irreversible burn damage to the tongue. (fourth degree)
  5. Surprisingly, what is left of the human tongue is quite tasty when flash-steamed and is very tender, unlike bovine tongue.  One wonders if variants of this product could cause the tongue to undergo certain processes in the Maillard reaction, thus enhancing flavors even more.
  6. Box labeling indicates that these are pad thai noodles yet the flavor is more reminiscent of scorched aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons, violating Sangamon’s Principle, which roughly states “The smaller the molecule the better, such as nitrous oxide (inhaled)”.
  7. So far I am free of truly distressing side-effects such as gangrene of the testicles or heavy metal poisoning. (Like #6, a nod to Neal Stephenson, my hero)
  8. Cleaning of any user-supplied glassware after consumption of these noodles… either toss it or use a pressure washer at a minimum 2400psi.

Total Rating:   3.87 out of 10 stars  (6 if you are starving)

Disclaimer:  This review is only the author’s opinion and could potentially have been influenced by the author’s misinterpretation of the directions on the packaging.


Yet more damning evidence that we are going to be broiled to death in Globular Worming.  All the warming climate models predicted this after they tweaked them.


AFAIK, this is legit:

Friday, August 15, 2008
Cavuto: The Democrats are Done

It’s August.

It’s early.

But for Democrats, it’s over.

Over. Done. Fini.

At the risk of sounding like I’ve snapped…allow me this snap judgment.

The Democrats have just lost the presidency this week.

For them, a horrible week.

So horrible…so discombobulated. So inconsistently communicated and messaged, that they’ve lost their message.

And I think, this election too.

Because here’s the deal as we end this week, my friends.

The Dems…are done.

I know. Laugh all you want. And I will conveniently destroy this message in the event I’m wrong.

But here’s why I don’t think I am.

During this crucial defining period that brought a Russian bear out of hibernation and a befuddled Nancy Pelosi into drilling reality…allow me to drill home this point.

Democrats lost a lot of mojo this week, their only saving grace that it’s an August week.

I don’t think that will save them.

Not when Russia threatens a new Cold War and the best their presumptive nominee can do is offer hope warring parties could put aside their hostilities…

While his opponent calls Russia what it clearly was and is: a bully. And a bully that must be dealt with.

And if his presidential metal wasn’t tested enough…Barack Obama caves to Hillary Clinton and allows a roll call vote. He’s doing it for all good and decent reasons. But nothing good or decent will come of it….her supporters still don’t flip over him, no matter what he does to accommodate them.

He’s given Hillary a prime time speech. Bill a prime time speech. Chelsea a prime time speech. Is Sox the Cat still around?

My god, who won this damn thing? Show some backbone, man!

Then in the middle of the week Obama’s economic team comes out with this grand explanation of a tax cut package that reminds all again…not of cuts promised for the middle class…but serious hikes for those who don’t much consider themselves above middle class.

And charges again that these new numbers “still” don’t add up as we explored on this very show.

On the very same week Nancy Pelosi read the furor among her own members and decided to backtrack on that no-drilling vote thing.

Not good things for a party that said it would lead the charge.

It shouldn’t be this way…with the slowing economy, democrats should be running away.

But they look weak on a military crisis.

Inconsistent on an economic crisis.

And impotent on their own brewing political convention crisis.

Things change. Tides ebb and flow.

But I think we will look back to this week in August as the time the party that had it all in the bag…just puked in it.

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