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I feel like thrice-ground meat being poured into a sausage casing.  (Think “LiquidMeat“)

Flight was good, once Kap’n Kangaroo bounced us to our gate in Detroit.

Arrived on the tarmac with the tripartite requisite met for coming home:

I have a cold – a really bitchin’ lung-shredder of a cold

I strained myself lugging 400+ pounds of luggage around (strained everything, I think)

It is hot, humid, and we have no A/C for some reason known only to Forces of Evil (IRS, Obama, MDOT)

But we’re home.  My own bed, my own pillow, my fridge, my remote control, my riding lawn mower, and I can get back to kicking my ca… well, no, I can’t kick my cat anymore.  Poor little guy.  But I just looked and his gravestone is still in place, so the stone is heavy enough and I buried him deep enough to keep wild animals from snacking.  Now I must find a way to explain to my five year old why he isn’t here, when she notices.  Damn, damn, damn.

More tomorrow or tonight, depending on how I’m a-feelin’.

Drop me an e:mail if’n you’re out there.  I’ll be cruising the moronosphere, trolling for tidbits.  I’ve been tidbitless for so long….

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