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We’re litter-shopping!  The kids didn’t rupture gaskets with Silver d’Cat gone (so far) so perhaps it wasn’t as big a deal as we thought it would be.  Here are some pups out of the current litter that we will go see as soon as we’re given the green light to drop by.  They need their puppy rest – they’re plum tuckered out from all that frantic growing.

Update… we just put a deposit down on a pup.  Me, I’m leaning towards little Zana there, the first pup.  I just have this feeling that she’d be a dog that would enjoy hanging out and with a gentle nature.  Then again, they’re two weeks old, so who knows?  She might be the next Cujo.  Odds are about 34 million to one, but it could happen.  Zeke, the third pup… he’s got lots of admirers already.  Understandable.   Zane, number two, is also a pup I could like.  Odds are that any one of them in the litter would be great since the parent dogz are beautiful and alert animals.

Update #2… check out the pups now, as of 08/31/08

I’m getting all jazzed up!  A dog is a huge commitment – as I understand it, an hour a day for a year should be devoted to that dog just in working with him/her and training.  I have no interest whatsoever in a dog that is poorly trained and lacks any kind of manners/discipline whatsoever.

Then there’s lots of scritches, brushing, walking, and roughhousing that needs to be done.   And napping.  Lots of napping.


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