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Perhaps not “incredible” but how about darned cool?

In my mother’s jewelry box was something I hadn’t seen in forever.  A wooden egg that always fascinated me as a kid.  It held no significant value to my sister and I asked her if she minded my taking it.  So here it is, as promised (thinking of you, KC).  Clicking on the pic gives you the larger image.

Just an innocent-looking benign ol’ inedible wooden egg.

But, it unscrews – there are really fine pitch threads on the inner lip.

And a little wooden basket of sorts inside.

But that’s not the only cool thing that I found while visiting.  All of it (going through mom’s stuff) felt like pilfering from the dead but I know mom would have wanted to keep these things in the family… a number of old maps done by E.D. Chase (Earnest Dudley Chase).  We’ve always just called him E.D.  He was married to my grandmother’s oldest sister, Clara, and I know for sure that the two of them worked on the map in the link below.  It isn’t clear to me how much she did on any given map or how many maps she was involved with.

As best I can make out the maps I have were done in the 1930’s – 1950’s and are wonderful examples of the fine handcraftsmanship of the day.  They are intricate and beautiful.   I plan to have them scanned (for a “permanent” record) and frame the reproductions if there is only one original or the orignal if I have multiples, as I am able.  Once they are scanned I will post a few of them.  You can see one of them posted here by an individual out there on the web selling them.

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