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Smurf Seppuku

My daughter drew on herself with felt markers today.  I mean DREW on herself.  Coming into the room it appeared that she had bloodied and black/blued her legs from the ankles to mid-thigh.  She requested that we help her get it off, so we filled a tub and let her go to it.

Funny thing is, felt marker in huge quantities takes on a life of it’s own, even in a tub of water.  When the tub drained, it looked like a Smurf had committed bloody suicide or a muppet flung itself into a snarling woodchipper.

Thus was the title of this post born… after a few blog hits and search words, I realized that perhaps folks might be coming here to find out about Seppuku, which is disembowelment and if you are lucky, someone to second you and take your head.  Pretty gross, pretty messy, but if you were a disgraced Samurai, it was just the thing to do.  So much for “I’ll do better next time.”

So, for information on Seppuku, look here.

Obama has limited options at this upcoming convention but he really has one choice:  Be gracious and hope that he’ll see some of Hillary’s supporters rub off and stick to him (which is a tough uphill battle).  He’d prefer to have Hillary just give him her delegates and fade out, but instead is doomed to go through the motions of forming alliances with the Clintons.

The Democratic Par-tay is possibly unaware of the upcoming interpersonal dynamics… who knows?   On MSNBC’s First Read:

From NBC’s Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro
Hillary Clinton [is] telling supporters at a gathering in California that she wants a “strategy” to have her delegates heard at the convention, as reported by Huffington Post and today ABC News. She said such a strategy would be cathartic, and would actually unify the party.

“Because I know from just what I’m hearing, that there’s incredible pent up desire,” Clinton said. “And I think that people want to feel like, ‘OK, it’s a catharsis, we’re here, we did it, and then everybody get behind Sen. Obama.’ That is what most people believe is the best way to go.” She also said in the video that she was working out those details with the Obama campaign and the DNC, and that no decisions have been made.

She said she wasn’t running for President either, right?  All she has to do is show up, and if there are enough people still cheering for her (a sure-fire Clinton-pleaser of an activity) she can still request placement on the roll for nomination.  She hasn’t committed anything as of yet.  Her ball is still in play regardless of conclusions people have drawn.

Jonah Goldberg had lots of positive things to say which gives good feelings about this upcoming DNC Convention.

… reporter Joshua Green picks through the internal e-mail viscera of the Clinton campaign and finds that the destructive nature of the Clintons is not always aimed at their enemies.

Indeed, shocking as this may be to people naive enough to believe that a woman with no executive experience, no security clearance, no significant successes under her belt, who was catapulted to presidential prominence solely because her husband treated her like a cautionary tale in a country-music song, was nonetheless a co-president for eight years: It turns out that the Bride of Clintonstein was an awful chief executive. Infected by her husband’s passive-aggressiveness, she stood paralyzed as the HMS Hillary took on more and more water, until even the string quartet on the deck was leaping for the flotation devices.

Well that is interesting, isn’t it?  Continuing on:

As Green pulls memo after memo from the great white’s carcass like so many Florida license plates, we discover that the Clintons knew long, long ago that they couldn’t beat Barack Obama to the nomination. But winning was secondary, carnage was king. You might even say of her decision to stay in the race: This was no polling accident.

The Clintons adopted a deliberate strategy of diminishing Obama’s victories, and Mark Penn, Clinton’s trusted campaign manager, pushed for a strategy of ridiculing their black, funny-named opponent as insufficiently American. Such memos, if found in the underbelly of a Republican campaign, would be immortalized by the liberal establishment as permanent proof of conservative racism. When plucked from the bowels of a Democratic campaign, the response is some mild tsk-tsking.

Which makes me wonder… could the Clinton strategy be to keep hope alive among her supporters, behave civilly and in a conciliatory fashion, and then at the convention try to make a plausible case for Obama being a hopeless candidate for the presidency?

Oh yes, Obama.  Don’t turn around.  Goldberg finishes up:

But fixating on the plot is never a good idea with monster flicks. The point is that the story is always the same. And so it is this time as well. Bill and Hillary are back. And forever more, Barack Obama won’t be able to take a shower without fear of that curtain snapping back, as a woman – or is that a man? – prepares to plunge the knife into his back.

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Bee Barf

I am a huge fan of SteamPunk, Victorian, some design elements in Art Deco, Craftsman (Stickley, actually), and Space Opera.

So, when my dad got interested in beekeeping, he asked me if I could do a honey label for him.  I said “Sure, yeah!”  (I have already done wine labels for him)

After a bit of consideration I decided I wanted to shoot for a variant on the style seen in the mid-1800’s advertisements.  I blotted out his name and address to protect his privacy.

Dad’s birthday was not too long ago and quite unaware, Cruel Wife had picked up that card a while back.  I looked at it and said “This is PERFECT!!!”  The card read:

Bees drink nectar from flowers, process this nectar in their bodies, then spit it out as honey.

So when I say I hope your birthday is sweeter than bee barf, I mean it as a good thing.

Somehow between gorging themselves silly on nectar and then, after suffering the aftereffects of their indulgence, heaving until their little bee noses bleed, you end up with this thick sticky mess that is mighty tasty… honey.

It’s either magic or it’s barf.  Maybe both.


Now, I’m not saying this is good or bad.  I am saying that it might be bad if it funadmentally exchanges the classical American ethics for that of another country – and I don’t mean Canada.  Most Canadians come here legally (excepting maybe terrorists but they fit a different category).  I am referring to a group mentality that thinks it is a good idea to break the law on the way to success… that usually is acceptable only on Wall Street.  (cheap shot, sorry)

Six Meat Buffet has a post on how the demographics of our country might change over the next years up to 2040 – I’ll be a drooling vegetable by then but my kids won’t.  I kind of care about the state of the US way of life – for it’s problems, it’s the best place to live by far.


I’m thinking that the cure to overpopulation would be to (gasp) curtail beer consumption.

(got the pointer to this from the Conservative Grapevine)

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