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It is “Don’t work at it too hard” night.

I spent the day working too hard.  I’ve been so excited about seeing light at the end of the tunnel in my neck recovery that I think I tend to overdo it.  Yes, it all hurt as I was sawing through poles, lugging dirt in buckets, weed-eating, cleaning the patio, moving the snowblower, etc.  And, yes, I’m paying now.  But DAMN was it great to get out there and do something again!

I forgot.  Shortly after whining about crickets chirping on my blog (like, next to zero hits), and I mean shortly, I started seeing the number jump.  Seemed to me that it was unusual since I don’t deal in porn on my blog and no one would actually want to break in and mess with my account.

Cranky at SixMeatBuffet was linked by the Conservative Grapevine, and it was referring to his post that showcased a graphic that I did (based on a bumper sticker I saw).  In 48 hours it saw 1800 hits at the Grapevine.  On a weekend.  My traffic went up, too.  Point is, I bitched and things changed.  I don’t think the lesson is “Bitch more until you get what you want” so much as “Don’t bitch because you’ll look like an ass.


The English Shepherd pups…

… continue to do well.  From an earlier posting you met Zana, Zeke, and Zane and now they are looking good.  I added another one of their littermates… Zuko.  He is tied with Zana as my favorites.  He’s just got a “Hey, I’m cool, man” attitude, you know?

Zuko (THAT is a relaxed pup!)





All right then.  Sean, I have to say that yes, there’s a level of tattoo investiture that surpasses my tolerance.

Image Source: http://www.bizarremag.com/weird_world/body_world/7173/zombie-boy.html

He’s gonna have some messed up kids someday.  Maybe.

Over at metafilter, one reader who goes by the name “Science” imagined the conversation when he finally found the girl he wanted to marry:

Sir, I know in this age this may seem a little chauvinistic and out of place. I realize that but it will not deter me. I love your daughter and cannot imagine my life without her in it. May I have your blessing to ask her to marry me?

I would pay cash money to see that conversation.

Unless the freak wished to marry something like this:

Image source: http://freaksblog.com

Where do these people come from?  I never went to school with one…


Shipbreakers do some hard work.  They… well… they break ships.   If this is real, I’m just in awe.


Great caricatures of famous people.  Very exaggerated but still very recognizable.  It’s amazing how you can follow links from a totally different starting point and end up places like this.

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