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Swine Flu


Was sent a comic strip today, with the sender claiming that he thought I would get a kick out of it.  I was the person he thought of when he sent it.  Flattered?  Offended?  I don’t rightly know which I should be.  All I could say was “Well played, Sir”.

Click on it for the larger version…

Update #2:  Oh yeah, this looks good.  Taekwando athlete kicks judge.  No excuse, sorry.  It would pack a little more punch if the Olympic judges penalized the country, not just the player, and made them sit out the next Olympics.


That’s my new name for what happened tonight.  A buddy of mine who I will refer to as the Two-Wheeled Bambi-Killer came over with his wife and kidlet, they mingled with Cruel Wife and my kidlets, and we ate ourselves silly.

Please note that I wholeheartedly endorse his Bambi-Killing.  Young animals are delicious.

Picture it… 6lbs of spare ribs – St. Louis style cut.  The cartilage side cut off and halved, put those to the side.  The rib sections left over, don’t cut them.  Dry rub all of the meat using the special dry rub.

Someone is bound to ask for my dry rub recipe and since I am enormously on-top of things I’ve taken the initiative of posting a picture of the ingredients label I put on my shaker bottle.

Now rub the spice mixture into the meat with gentle (yet firm) massaging motions, being careful to cover every square inch of the meat.  Rub that in until it really adheres to the meat.

Cut a black plastic garbage bag up the side and lay it open.  Put the meat inside the pocket and wrap the whole thing tightly and tape it up – let it get all the lovin’ it can overnight in the fridge.

The next morning, pull the meat out and put it on the counter to warm up.  Fire up the smoker and lay in the water pan with lots of hot water, then add the first grate.  Put the cut off cartilage sections in the terra-cotta clay cooker and cover it – put it on the grate and lay aluminum foil over the top.  [Note:  The terra-cotta clay cooker needs to be presoaked in cold water for 15 minutes prior to use.]  Now take the large rib sections and put them on the top grate in the smoker.  Put the lid on the smoker.  Take off the main body and the lid as a unit to expose the heating element and put a soupcan stuffed with apple wood in the bottom to start smoking.  Return the body and top of the smoker.  Let it smoke/cook for four hours – do NOT lift the lid – just walk away.  Make sure the temperature does not exceed 220F or the meat will be dry jerky, not moist swine.

A clay cookpot.

Add more woodchips to the soupcan.  Do this twice more over the next four hours but take the clay pot out at hour #7.  Yes, you heard me, it’s an eight hour cook-time for the big hunks of meat.  It is a food of love.

When a bone falls out easily or a fork easily separates the meat take it out.  Cut the ribs into 1-2 rib sections and shred the cutoffs that were in the clay cooker.  The cartilage should be just about broken down – you will be able to squish it by pinching or you just won’t find it.  I found two small 1/2″ long pieces, that is all.

“Swine Flu” is my term for being so stuffed with pig that you are sleepy and think you would be better off if you just died.

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