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Update #1 (regular stuff below this): Control Freak Dems to Hold Second Roll Call at HOTELS (to better manipulate the process).

Shades of China at the Olympics!!!  By God, lets not have the truth out!  That would be the worst thing one could do.  So let’s orchestrate and manipulate so it’s more palatable to the masses.

From the Denver Post:

Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton furiously circulated petitions on the floor of the Democratic National Convention last night, hoping to stave off a plan to hold the convention’s roll call at breakfast Wednesday — out of the public eye — sources inside the delegations said.

The move being worked out between the Obama campaign and officials behind Clinton’s suspended bid, would work in two parts: Delegates would cast votes at their hotels Wednesday morning; that night, at the Pepsi Center convention site, the roll-call process would rely on the votes cast that morning, the delegates said.

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, a former state co-chair for Clinton said she knows the camps are in negotiations about what to do.

“My view is we need to come together as a party,” DeGette said. “I admire Hillary Clinton greatly, but I think it would be divisive to have a vote on the floor. We need to have a unanimous vote.”  [more…]

Update #2:  Homicide bomber girl gives herself up.

Update #3:  Surely people have better common sense in these things.  On BOTH sides.  Right?  No.

Update #4:  Falling the Friendly Skies.  With style?


I have smoked pork on the brain.  I had to let it out, lest the voices take over.

Smoked Pork - Good for You!

Smoked Pork - Good for You!

The dog one below was e:mailed to me.  I have no idea what the source was.

The Winner at Dog Training School

The Winner at Dog Training School

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Ok, so it has a few bugs…


This is always embarassing.

But hey, everyone makes mistakes.  I’ve made them and probably make them daily, and NASA folks, doctors, pet stylists, SEALS, dogs, lawyers, and columnists do too.   So on the next example, I’m not singling them out for abuse.  Just a good example, that’s all.

Of course, you do remember the NOAA-N-Prime incident, right?  Somebody must’ve been canned and a lot of engineers and scientists must’ve gone home to get drunk.

Cost of a Satellite: $230M

24 Flight-Qual Bolts: $500

Man-hours to Check the System for Missing Bolts Before Tipping It:  $3000

Cost to Repair After Dropping It On the Floor:  $135,000,000 (almost priceless)




Some animals are more equal than others

I’ve heard of reinventing yourself, but this is beyond ridiculous.

THIS is more like it!!!

And these are numbers that would get Hillary all hot and sweaty, because it would help her argument that she’s the better candidate and help make more room for when she sticks the knife in.

Why?  It’s how they’ve always done it…

Pelosi Tells Disappointed Clinton Supporters to Avoid ‘Victim Politics’


Because GOD FORBID that we should ever expose our children to exceptional people. This is the sort of thing that is killing this generation and several others in recent history.  We must never expose our children to their fears, their failures, or teach them to grow, because it might hurt them.

Baseball Team’s Pitcher, 9, Ousted for Being Too Good

FoxNews – Aug. 25, 2008

A Connecticut youth baseball team with a phenomenal 9-year-old pitcher has been disqualified because its team is too good.

The team, Will Power Fitness, has an 8-0 record thanks in large part to pitcher Jericho Scott, the New Haven Register reports. His pitching is so fast and accurate, the Liga Juvenil De Baseball De New Haven asked the team’s coach, Wilfred Vidro, to replace him so he wouldn’t frighten other players.

“The spirit of the league was community, family, well-being, nurturing,” Peter Noble, the league’s attorney, told the Register. “It’s an extended family and it’s been disrupted.”

On Saturday, Jericho and his team showed up to the ballfield despite the fact the league canceled the game because they feared an “unhealthy environment” due to parental bickering, Noble told the paper. Jericho’s parents, Nicole and Leroy, planned to meet with an attorney on Monday.


“C’mon kid, you shouldn’t be so gifted so we’re going to can you.” There’s a wonderful life lesson for you.  Cuts both ways, too.  “Gee kids, you’re such a bunch of milquetoasts that you’ll never have a chance unless we protect you.”  And by such logic the Welfare System was born.

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