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Now, don’t get me wrong, I felt bad for the residents of New Orleans, I really did.  It was horrible that so many people lost homes there – Katrina did all the right things from a hurricane’s point of view.

Here comes Gustav.

And I want to be absolutely clear:

I don’t want any more of my tax dollars going to take care of people who live BELOW SEA LEVEL IN HURRICANE COUNTRY.

The last disaster relief was a boondoggle.  People all over spotted that pile of money from a long long way off and milked it for all it was worth.

There comes a certain point where you stop feeling sorry for the guy who lost all his money at the racetrack because ultimately there’s no one to blame but him, and it’s not your fault or responsibility.  Let me ask you this:

Q: A guy demands money from the townspeople because his houseboat on the Mississippi River has just been smashed to flinders for the third time in 15 years.  Should you feel sorry for him?

A: No way!  He’s lived on the freakin’ RIVER…  You idiot.  Rivers FLOOD.  There’s not an insurance company in the world that would insure that houseboat.

So too, goes Louisiana.

Nagin is the houseboat owner.  NO is the houseboat.  The Mississippi is played by… you get the idea, right?

But Louisiana is going to scream bloody blue murder again when New Orleans gets hit.  And the gov’t is going to leap into action.  And you’re going to see that federal debt go that much higher.

And in the richest country in the world, you wonder why you’re putting money into social security that you’ll never see, and why you’re saving on top of SS just to take care of yourself like everyone should have been doing all along.


And now, boys and girls, it’s time to do the Botox Bump!  Well, I guess the bump wouldn’t be such a good idea.  Those unsightly wrinkles in my ass – remember them?  Well, Botox does have a few issues.  (emphasis mine)

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned in February that using Botox can have serious side effects including death…


Got that?  Death is a side effect now.  When did the FDA downgrade death from a “serious Goddamned condition” to a “side effect”?  C’mon folks, a side effect is a rash or cramping of the testicles or dissolving bones.


Hello everyone!  Can I have your attention?  On the form, where it says “Enter cause of Death” could you cross that out and write in “Enter cause of Side Effect”, please?  Thanks ever so much darlin’s!

A thimblefull (give or take) of botulinum toxin is reported by those apparently smarter than I (it’s all hear-say so far) to be able to kill every man, woman, child, lemur, mustelid, and liberal alive.

Only cockroaches and Michael Moore will survive.  But then I do repeat myself, don’t I?

Supposedly the LD50 for Botulinum toxin is 1ng/Kg.   I’m having a hard time multiplying that out and getting a thimbleful, but that is beside the point!  My point, Constant Reader, is that this sh*t is poison and in vanity-oh-so-dire, it is only then that it “makes sense” to inject ourselves with poison to enhance our looks.


Update on the pups.

Did you know that puppies GROW?

Zana, still my favorite

Zana, still my favorite

Zuko, still laid back

Zuko, still laid back

Zeke, curioser and curioser...

Zeke, curioser and curioser...

Zane, genetic mutation bruiser dog...

Zane, genetic mutation bruiser dog...

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