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Update 3: Secondhand Smoke, on media’s abuse of power regarding Palin.  Beyond the pale.

Update 2:  Kwame Kilpatrick enters a guilty plea.  Apparently someone finally decided they were tired of his evasive dismissive BS.

Update 1: At weaselzippers, Koran eschewed since references condoning beating of women taken out.  One commenter states that the Koran should be translated as-is, warts and all.  So, take the nastiness out and hope it helps change from within or leave it is and hope it isn’t watered down to be marginally acceptable to the rest of the world.  Interesting topic for debate.

Noonan and Murphy have been around long enough to know better.  Important:  If you have a mike on you, shut the hell up and keep your opinions to yourself until you are somewhere private.

Apologize for what you said and quietly leave.

That is the extent of my political statements for today.

Now, on to some wild sh… I mean “stuff”.


Wow.  I did not know that color film was available to the general public in the 1930’s.  At $5 a roll it was prohibitively expensive, but this is way way way cool.  (beware, some of the avatars and taglines are pretty out there, but hey, it’s the innernet)   Thanks go to onyourchin for the post – go check out the rest of the pics he posted.  Click on these teasers for the bigger versions.

Cows don't seem to have changed a great deal.

Cows don't seem to have changed all that much.

But SF has...


The Japanese Magic Mirror (Makyoh) is another interesting phenomenon that just gets me all hot, bothered, and sweaty.  I geek to it.  Here’s another link to kind of get the idea.

There are claims that this originated in China, but my first introduction was a story about how Japanese christians (back in the day) could be killed by having any kind of religious symbols.  So what did they do?  A mirror was painstakingly shaved off, bit by bit, that left a surface that looked like an ordinary mirror, but possessed enough of a concave curvature that it formed a real image when light reflected off of it onto a wall.  The steps in the image forming section of the mirror have feature on the order of 400 nanometers. That’s about 1/250th of the diameter of a hair off your head.

Magic mirror image formation - the Laplacian of the height function.

Magic mirror image formation - the Laplacian of the height function.

If you are really geeked out, you can look at a technical publication titled “Oriental magic mirrors and the Laplacian image“—> berry383


I confess that while I think this is cool, the guy is just clearly in the realm of “not well”.  Miniature (micro) sculpturist.


While I don’t endorse stealing of works by others of any kind (other than to showcase something with no profit motive) I’ll link this because maybe you’d get interested and go buy the book.  My hero, Richard Feynman, and his book “Surely You Must be Joking, Mr. Feynman!

If it interests you, I have done my job.  Amazing fella with a mind that was one in a billion.


Ok, I have to admit, for an advert… I was totally captivated.  Give the questionnaire a spin.


And a spider.  Flash spider.  Realistic.  Creepy.  Cool.

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