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BBC says the world wants Obama.

I’m going to say it in the kindest manner possible:  Like I give a rat’s ass.

This is NOT my art - source unknown

If people in the world want Obama so bad, become US citizens and vote, because that’s the only way you’ll get counted – other than moronic polls.

I’d just soon stick with the status quo – global domination is for those who are compensating for their lack in other areas.

That’s just another thing I love about America.  We pick our own president and we use our laws, not ex-Justice O’Connor’s “international precendent”.


You know the democrats are scared when the send out the shock troops – the liberal version of the SS.  Thirty lawyers is a lot of lawyers in Achorage, Alaska to sniff for dirt.


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Rush is right.  I love his ability to make a succinct statement.  Notice how the ending is this effortless coup-de-grace?

RUSH: You know, I’m thinking Barack Obama had lots of women to choose from to help with that female demographic, but he went with a white male to get that vote.  That means that his biggest problem is with white men.  He’s having problems broadly appealing to the whole electorate.  I am convinced Biden was not his first choice.  I really do think he wanted somebody like Kathleen Sebelius.  I do think that. But he couldn’t risk it because he’s so weak in white men.  I’ll tell you what. People in this country, they like an attractive, smart, accomplished woman like Sarah Palin is.  This is a good thing.  She could become a huge, huge figure — and unlike Hillary, ladies and gentlemen, she built her own political career. She’s far more independent a woman than Hillary Clinton ever was.


Ol’ Joe Biden sure seems to have an opinion.  Palin would be a backward step for women.  Huh.  How come so many wimmin seem to love her?

I am glad the author captured the key point of Biden’s windbaggery:

“I assume she thinks and agrees with the same policies that George Bush and John McCain think,” Biden added

He assumes?  You mean he doesn’t even know?  So how can he talk?


Well, if the world is your oyster, this is the oyster you want to have.  Too bad it’s a cruddy picture.


Nice crazy fella.

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