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Now I understand why I cannot understand my daughter.  She, like her mother, is an alien.  They are female, and I have as much chance of understanding a pig with lipstick a duck-billed platypus.  Click on the pic to biggerize it.

My daughter is alien to me...

My daughter is alien to me...

She opened her mouth and uttered some stuff today and I have not even a shred of a clue as to what she said.  Either they are aliens or all men are just big dogs that talk.


The Giant Animal Smasher was fun.  Squirrel physics is fun.

Well, I found a physics question regarding squirrels:

The Nano-nut-Dropping Nano-Squirrel

A nano-squirrel on a nano-tree is trying to drop nano-nuts into a small nano-hole directly under itself. If the nano-squirrel is at height H above the ground, if the gravitational acceleration is g, if each nano-nut is a point particle of mass m, and each nano-nut is released with zero initial velocity using the best reproducible nanotechnology, use the position-momentum uncertainty principle to show that, despite the best efforts of the nano-squirrel, the nano-nuts will end up spread over the ground in a region of radius R satisfying the inequality

R >= [ 8 hbar2 H / ( m2 g ) ]1/4 .

where hbar is Planck’s constant.

Source: Professor Henry GreensideDuke Physics Challenges


So we can blame Heisenberg for the extinction of nano-squirrels by nano-starvation.  Somebody call the nano-brains at PETA.


Here we learn that (1) squirrels are pretty smart, and (2) they have no taste.


Lest you feel that we’re focusing on small twitchy mammals too much, here’s a link to the Glass Armonica.  It is very surreal and has definite physical bases for why it sounds the way it does.

In case you are wondering, you go from glass to faraday waves to chaos theory to solitons to oscillons and back to faraday waves – here:


Waves, electromagnetic fields… ohhhhhh yeah.   Check out electric fields.


With a book cover like that, you almost have to go check it out, don’t you?  Knitting with dog hair.

That is the perfect example of bait.

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