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… in a Model T (figuratively).

I spent a great deal of yesterday winterizing my riding lawn mower, which later today in this very post I will describe in putrid detail.   As a result of all this painstaking labor last night became a “Where the hell did I pack away the percocet?   Is it in that box in the closet behind the extra toothpaste?  No… how about next to the ammo?  No… how about in the little basket besides the blender?  Yes!!!

I was lying on the ground trying to replace the belt that links the pulley from the motor shaft to the mower deck.  It is a bad position to lift the disconnected mower deck up and down from when putting on several different belts.  By dinnertime my neck was pretty much in horrible shape and screaming like a ban sidhe‡.  So while I really wanted to do the following, I could not…  write, do some p-shopping, catch up, and…


He’s pretty much the Moronosphere’s answer to the crazy eccentric sharp-as-a-tack smut-purveying lovable uncle we all had as kids.  Well, I never had such an uncle but if I did, he probably would have been a lot like McGoo.  🙂

So what did I miss yesterday?  Paul Newman died.  Cool Hand Luke and The Sting would not have been what they were without Paul Newman.  I disagreed with his politics but the scales were more than tipped in the other direction by his charity and love of children in need.  He was a true man’s man.

More later.


ban sidhe.  Confused?  Go look it up.

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