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Update Friday Afternoon…

Ear checks out ok.  Swelling, irritation, etc.  Should be fine, just don’t use the hearing aid for a while and use some steroid ear drops.  Whew.

And now for a new, and totally worthless Guinness Book World Record.  The World Record for Having the Most Snails on Your Face at One Time. Oh yeah… you go girl.

… okay, moving right along…

Damn those flaming squirrels and their forest-fire-causing activities.

Shooting yourself has to hurt.  Shooting yourself with this bullet track has to really hurt.

Don’t tase me, bro!  Squeal.  Oink.

Don’t decapitate me, ho. Actually, if he was a criminal, I don’t feel so bad.  Had he stayed home and hung out with friends it wouldn’t have happened.  I’m not fond of violent/creepy stalkers.

Family Cremates Mom on BBQ, Keeps Benefits. Spooky scary sucker.

Man chews through belly-busting 20-lb. burger.


Yokay, short post tonight.  (Thursday night)

One would think that good ear safety would include ear plugs, not sticking things in your ears, minimize loud music, etc., right?

So what are some things considered “not safe”?

Things That Don't Play Well with Ears.

Don’t forget the other thing that can damage your hearing… in my case, Cruel Wife…

She Nags Because She Cares.

See the blue thing in the center of the first image?  That’s my hearing aid exactly only mine is black.  You know what?  It is entirely possible that today when I went to put it in during the lunch meeting at work I managed to do something to my eardrum. These new hearing aid styles go way freaking deep into your ear.  And if you put them in wrong… well, it can hurt.

Doesn’t hurt as bad as it would if Obama wins the election, but getting up there.

Sharp nasty stabbing pain that goes through your head, sick/sweaty, pain all afternoon, and strange hearing.   Give you three guesses as to what that might mean.  No, hemorrhoids aren’t in the running.

I go see the doc tomorrow.  Hopefully it just means there’s swelling and/or wax against the eardrum.

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