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How embarrassing… He left a thumbprint.  Of course they can’t match it to his thumb.  Oh it is so confusing.

About two hours after the robbery, a nine-fingered Perez went to an emergency room. Police found out about it, fingerprinted the thumb and transported it to the hospital for a comparison, according to a report in The Examiner.

So they fingerprinted the thumb and then compared the print to… what?

“Gee, sir, we went to the hospital to match prints and we could only get nine prints and none of ’em matched… damn.  Looks like the perp got away.”

Update #2:

Globular Worming hysteria nuts just refuse to admit there are other possibilities, don’t they?

On the zero-biased NPR an animal shelter worker matter-of-factly stated that the high number of feral cats is a direct consequence of global warming.  …?… …?… I leave you to ponder the vast gulf of stupidity encircled by that statement.


My preordered copy of Far Cry 2 is due in tomorrow.

Which means two things:

  1. Cruel Wife is about to become, for all intents and purposes, a game-widow
  2. My blogging must by necessity suffer
  3. I’ll have enough fun to wet my pants

Far Cry 2 Review

Ok, so that was three things up above.  Thought I’d missed that, didn’t you?

Right… back to it… I recognize my responsibilities, however.  Zöe-dog will still get her 1-2 hours per day.

Really… look at the screenshots below… who could blame me?

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