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Well this was interesting.  From the NY Post.  Regardless of polls (except the only poll worth a damn is the election itself) the markets would seem to be wary of Obama – change is ok if you can actually articulate what it is.  Obama doesn’t want to get too deep into the details for fear of exposing his socialist trappings.  We already know about his liberal core.

Gasp!  Surely Obama can’t… huh?  Socialist?

But… but… but… Obama just can’t be a socialist!

But, what if he is…?

One viewAnother view.

Like it matters.  He’s already won, rightNot so fast.


UPDATE!  Ha!  I called it.  Turns out the little weirdo did indeed make it up.  Seriously you gotta be pretty messed up in the head to clobber and cut yourself for the attention… Embarrassing all the way around.

Cut or not-Cut?  That is the question.

Now, I’m not saying anything (refer to pic, please)…

but… Notice that the “B” is (1) not real deep, which doesn’t make sense from an enraged attacker standpoint, and (2) backwards.

Backwards.  Why backwards?  One of three possibilities:

  1. Attacker cut her while she was on her back and he was at her head, looking in the direction of her toes
  2. The attacker is dsylexic
  3. The cut could have been made in a mirror, where it’s really easy to get left/right mixed up

Enough inconsistencies in her story remained that the cops wanted her to take a polygraph test.  Results not yet released.


At least in the face of all the fear and uncertainty, OPEC has cause to feel uneasy as well (Read:  Iran and Venezuela).

The international oil cartel agreed Friday to cut daily production by 1.5 million barrels in a move to drive up prices on the international market — and, at the gas pump.

But, crude oil futures went in the other direction, falling 6 percent Friday in London trading on speculation that demand will continue to fall.

Oil fell sharply in morning trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, with light sweet crude priced for December delivery at $64.40.

Hardline OPEC members Iran and Venezuela had been pushing members to slice production by 2.5 million barrels a day, with Iran’s oil minister declaring, “The era of cheap oil is finished.” When asked before Friday’s meeting what price Iran would want for its oil, Gholam Hossein Nozari boasted, “The more the better.”

Arrogant greedy little prick.  (sorry for the profanity, but it is warranted)


A Missouri high school – as many as 50 students may have been exposed to HIV.  Nice.

Jasmine Lane, a 16-year-old sophomore, said her boyfriend from a neighboring high school broke up with her on learning of the news — after she bought them tickets to homecoming.

Well, Jazzy, now the world knows one of two things after your telling of your tale of woe:  Either your boyfriend doesn’t know much about AIDS – OR – that you and he are riding the hobby-horse together.

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