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The Online Times, Britain’s answer to Pravda, has published a fantastic read on the nuclear airplane.

Ian Poll, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield university, and head of technology for the Government-funded Omega project, is calling for a big research programme to help the aviation industry convert from fossil fuels to nuclear energy.

Note:  I feel compelled to point out that when I did a Google on Omega Project it came back with a link, that as far as I can tell after extensive browsing, has absolutely nothing to do with airplanes or nukes.  Ahem.  Check your sources, Times!  Also note that my use of the word “fantastic” above does not mean “great”.  It means “entirely based on fantasy”.

Their answer to high-velocity impacts of the reactor in the event of “an incident” is to jettison them gently where they will waft peacefully to the ground with a bump so light as to not wake up a sleeping babe.

Apparently the Times, like Pravda, also means never having to say you faced reality.

Professor Poll, obviously a globular worming alarmist:

In the worst-case scenario, if the armour plating around the reactor was pierced there would be a risk of radioactive contamination over a few square miles.

Quite acceptable risk if you aren’t the poor SOB whose home was in one of those few square miles.

Now, moving on…

Have a heart!  Two little motors.  Two little single-point failures acting serially.  You wouldn’t allow this on your space shuttle would you?  Well, I guess you do, but it wouldn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy-like if my life depended upon it.  Face it, if an artificial heart fails, CPR won’t work because the damn thing won’t compress.

I suppose though, that by the time you are faced with using one of these devices… you’re pretty much out of options.    So while I knock the idea a bit, I have to say that the effort is worthwhile – very much so – and I hope they succeed in a solution that works and is highly reliable.  Robocop, here we come.

Or Lego Heart, here we come.  Go check out Vanessa Ruiz’s entry on this (the link to the left).  Pretty cool.


Hey.  Do you feel better now?  Nancy Pelosi says “Don’t be afraid of Democrat control”.  No, you shouldn’t fear a filibuster-proof democratic control of house/senate and a democratic president.  And no, the fact that Obama is the most liberal Senator we have, that shouldn’t worry you either.

Unless you don’t give a rat’s ass about anything conservative whatsoever and hate your current way of life.  Spread that wealth around, baby!  It’s only fair, right?

Do like the cartoon showed a week or so ago… When your kid goes trick-or-treating this coming Friday night, grab their candy at the end, pull out a third of it and tell them “we’re giving it to other kids, and yeah some of them made bad choices and watched TV instead of trick-or-treating, some got sick and couldn’t go, and some of them don’t even celebrate Halloween, and some of them are counting on you to do the work so they can get their cut out of what you do without exertion, and you should just quit whining because you should share the results of your efforts”.

So if you can say all that with a straight face to your kid, then go right ahead and vote Democrat all the way down the line.  You socialist, you.

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