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It’s a world where Obama has snookered it and it’s a world where fish get hernia operations.  Many thanks to The Sun for catching this important piece of insanity.  They spent $1000 to give… A.  Fish.  A. Hernia.  Operation.

If you charged the British taxpayer $1000 so a politician could have a sitdown fish dinner topped with caviar he’d be dead meat.  Apparently surgery on a fish doesn’t stink.



Eighteen months for a gangsta rap video starring his 85 year old senile grandmother.  Thoughtless, heartless, and plain stupid… but worthy of 18 months in juvie?  What law did he break?  Elder abuse?  No, elder abuse is beating, stealing from, emotionally abusing, starving, etc. your parent or grandparent.  This is called “being a little creep and in need of a good smackdown by your parents”.

When I was growing up no one would have taken you to jail over it because they knew that your parents would be a far worse sentence.

I wish prosecutors would stop twisting the law to salve their offended sensibilities.

Now… firing a gun around town and into buildings… lock him up.


I have a pet peeve.  Reporters are supposed to have strong english skills, right?  Why then do you see rampant errors in their writing?  Just one example of what I see everywhere is this excerpt from a FoxNews article online:

A series of conversations secretly recorded by 1 of Carona’s former assistant sheriffs and close friends promises to figure prominently in the case.

See that?  “…recorded by 1 of Carona’s…”   Come on, I work diligently to get units right in my biz and make sure that equations are correct, can’t these idiots put words together with any degree of competency?  You see it in books all the time, too.

The above error looks like it was written by a teen on his text msg:  “U R so wrong”  or “BRB”


More later…

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