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It’s not a trend but it sure does smack down the smug Globular Worming theorists who gloated any time they heard words like “the highest temperature since the previous record set in 1994”.


Britain in October Snows

Swiss Mess

Florida is Frigid

More later… if we don’t all roast alive first.

Well, one more thing, and then I’ll go…

Methane from natural sources could do more than CO2?  Well… yeah.  It’s many times more of a greenhouse gas than CO2 (just like water vapor) and has been increasing.  Could it be that man is not quite the ogre all the hysterical fart-sniffers say he is?


And speaking of climate change… I bet the atmosphere was mighty chilly in their home leading up to the… uh… “incident”.  Good gravy, you have to be an amazing kind of violent to stab someone 222 times.  The “Oops, I slipped” defense ain’t gonna work.

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