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Wow, a new-age chastity belt.  Who’d have thought they would revive such an old favorite?  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go home and dominate my wife.


In other offensive news, we learn what Obama’s energy policies will really look like.  Feast on this.  I’m not sure if this is an appetizer or a main course.  More on that from a different source… may or may not be anything new it it that wasn’t in the first one.

Might just have been the appetizer… sorry to draw the parallel, but Hitler sounded pretty good to the Germans when he started out, too.

Hey, wait a minute… I thought this guy was unflappable…?

This is the kind of restraint and diplomacy that the world respects.


Good Lord, it wouldn’t do to have our plastics mixed with our papers now, would it?  So the latest in bomb-proof recycling bins is a must-have.

Note:  Yes, I know it is about terrorism but if the country would do more to keep an eye on the people that are the problem and less on all of its citizens then this would be less of an issue. That said, I’ll be standing by with the extinguisher waiting for flames to erupt.


In literature, the metaphor reigns but only if the author can write worth a damn.  Fairly safe to say that if the author is not at his peak he should avoid them like the plague.  Witness this:

In the distillery of the sky, the sunlight was a weak brandy.

Guess the author.  Big name, too.   Got it?  Ok, Dean Koontz.  You know, I appreciate his writing on some levels because the story itself is engrossing or the characters are particularly likeable.   But in his latest book his writing is a cheap 5/8 screw being ratcheted into a Chevy small block with stripped threads.  (his writing deserved a crappy metaphor at best)  The book?  Oh… The Darkest Night of the Year.  Mostly the book sounds like a platform for a pet charity for rescuing endangered dogs (get it?  pet charity?  oh, I slay me)

more later…  Ok, it is later now…
One Concerned Reader, who I shall not name… let’s just call her PNB for want of some name to put on this individual… PNB has declared her concern, to wit:

Hey LK, git yer butt away from Far Cry 2.
Your used Depends is starting to stink up the place.

OTOH, if tomorrow goes badly for our country, you may drown your sorrows and play all you like for the next 4 years.

Well.  I’m overcome with the depth of feeling and heartfelt concern just oozing out of that comment.

Yes, I live in fear of “President Obama”.  Yes, if McCain wins you probably ought to keep the powder dry and the weapons loaded because there would be an awful lot of self-professed peace-loving people out for blood.  It’s the ones that say “I’m peace-loving” that you have to worry about.  Much like the person that says “you can trust me”… the fact that they felt like they needed to say it says volumes.

But let me describe last night’s Far Cry 2 mission….

You are set in a small war-torn country where both factions have been given (sold) weapons by a mysterious (and nefarious, I might add) entity who goes by the name of The Jackal.  You are asked by one faction to go blow up a propane tanker at a trainyard but along the way you are also asked by your buddy to assassinate a Bad Guy at a cattle ranch swarming with hired thugs.

So you go down to the ranch and take care of business.  Then you go to the trainyard.  Do recon and spot the key points before doing a think.  You notice that an acetylene tank is near one of the train cars.  If you sight in on the nozzle and shoot it off the thing will shoot around like a rocket and flame everything within 30 yards as it goes.  Presto!  Instant diversion for the cost of one round.

Who WOULDN’T rely on Depends and forego all but Mt. Dew™ and Pringles™?

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