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I have a co-worker who I call The Dude to protect his alter-ego.  Another co-worker who I shall refer to as The Half-Breed (he’s cool with that, as it is only the truth) had this wonderful little lexicon to understand politico-speak.  Before you get your panties in a wad I’m The Kranky Kraut.

First though, read this article to prepare yourself for maxismal enjoyment.  Hell, read this one, too.   Then read the lexicon and suggest your own!

Political Lexicon


1.) n. – A condition in which Democrats pound mercilessly on Republicans until the Republicans surrender and let the Democrats have their way

2.) n. – A spirit of cooperation in which Republicans let Democrats have their way without a fight


1.) n. –  A fictional concept wherein all of the negative or bad aspects of a governmental body magically vanish and are replaced with puppies and chocolate hearts

2.) v. – What happens to a politician’s platform once he wins an election.


n. – A condition in which Republicans pound mercilessly on Democrats until the Democrats call for a special investigation and try to have the Republicans removed from office


1.) n. – A Republican

2.) n. – A conservative Democrat


On a side-note…

Every single day, almost, I get at least a few hits on “Tiny Puppy”.  I don’t recall but somewhere I must have listed one.  Perhaps in one of my Korean recipes.  Anyway, since most people aren’t looking for recipes from the Korean cookbook “50 Ways to Wok Your Dog”, I will post this pic.  Don’t remember where I found it.  If it is yours, let me know so I can give you kudos for “Saccharine Shot of the Year (2008)”.


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