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In Motown I’m probably not going to be popular for this, but I actually agree with Romney for once… Mitt Romney Op-Ed on Automaker Bailout.

Yes, letting them file for restructuring bankruptcy will be painful, but it will help remedy this ridiculous union/management dysfunction and what I call Extreme Executiving, where business is all about making a quick buck and damn everyone else.  That is *not* what makes a good business and the businesspeople of the last 30 years are finding this out – that doing slimebag business just means you’re a slimebag, not a good Capitalist.  You cannot have sustainable market-share increases year after year after year in a finite-resources system.


Ok, blog-travellers, I have a really urgent issue…

There is the normal sriracha, commonly known as “Rooster Sauce” or “Cock Sauce” (yes, really really).


For a while I was able to obtain what some claim to be a cheap knockoff and some claim it is legit… but in the end, the sriracha with the orange cap was better… less harsh.  Here’s an example  of another fine blogizen posting about this important issue.  Shawnchin appears to have done some homework whereas I am just holding out my hand and waiting for something to fall into it.  (no, not really – I have been searching high and low)

The orange (or red) capped stuff was sweeter and had a flying duck on the front.

In my hour of need, can anyone find me a source by which I can order it?  My Shin cups are mere shadows of their full potential.

This is also a test to see what kind of hits one gets on one’s blog when inserting certain words into the text  -you know which one I mean… … … rooster.  And no, I don’t swing that way.


Could they have shown any crappier judgment in trying to arrest the deceased’s son during the funeral?  I mean, jeez… wait a few minutes until things have moved on and do it then.  You don’t have to be assholes and insist upon serving this fella up in the middle of a really hard time on friends and family.  Now instead of closure, the family has a bunch of justly-deserved hateful feelings.


And all frivolity aside, organs/parts grown to order… THIS is important stuff.  How about that?  And they didn’t need to abort anyone to do it.  (Note the strong hint-hint-nudge-nudge)

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