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When is Change Not Change?

Apparently when you are the new Messiah.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (when we’ll really have change)

Aide: Obama on track to nominate Clinton….


Going for that “Spawn of Albright and Princess Leia” look, quite a sight to behold isn’t she?


Oh GOD, will you all stop it already with the theatrical doom-gloom bullsh*t?  The world is not going to collapse, three out of five people will not die of being eaten by the other two, the planet is not going to heat up until we all die in a blaze of fire, and Hollywood is not going to become a ghost town.   Polar bears are not likely to become extinct, either.



I swear, while things are grim, people are getting pretty panicky about a huge number of things, and when they freak out about Hollywood, it’s time to start passing out the valium.


Quite… amazing.  For real life… useless.  Cool.  An amphibious car, 100mph on land, 30mph on the water, 175hp (presumably that is bhp), V-6, 24 valve, 2.5L engine – and goes 0-60 in 10sec.


Play the animation on this page.  Pretend that the soundtrack doesn’t sound like the background for a pr0n movie.


An imaginative reader (atrocious speller though) of a forum wrote:
Imagine if you were Hannabal Lector and were to find worms in the brain you were preparing, what throw out hole meal or just eat around them?
Well, there’s brain-food for thought.  Enjoy your fast, folks.  Think of it as that diet you wanted to start tomorrow, just starting it a day earlier.


Poor kid.  Viagra-Boy.


Wa-HOO!  Free Dr. Pepper!!!


Wow.  You can live foreverAt least until the cancer kills you in two years.


It’s the visual that cracks me up.  (source:  snorgtees.com)



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