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Happy Thanksgiving all.

Doing good here.  Spent the day making focaccia and pizza from scratch (2 ea).  Pepperoni, canadian bacon, mozarella, provolone, jack, and slices of fresh mozarella to really kick it up a few notches.  The focaccia was brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with rosemary, black pepper, garlic, and kosher salt.

My carbs are through the roof.  Cruel Wife also made for Spoiled Girl Child a separate turkey/stuffing batch in the crock-pot and the ungrateful whelp wouldn’t try the stuffing and only ate one piece of turkey.   I shoveled in four cups’ worth of stuffing and stopped – for once I exercised restraint with the wife’s stuffing.

Here I sit, belly distended and the sound of blood pumping in my ears as my finely tuned body attempts to stave off multiple organ failure from fatty cheese, pepperoni, olive oil, and butter.  You could probably fry eggs using my blood as the lion’s share of it consists of saturated fat at the moment.

I realize that it might sound like griping, this discourse, but it isn’t really – it is sheer unadulterated bliss.  If you’re going to die, have a meal like that and then have a bodacious coronary.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you, ‘felix and Enas.


I wonder, being the oldest person in the world (living at the time), how she felt about what she saw in the world around her today.  World’s oldest woman dies at 115 years.  Get this though:

Parker had been a widow since her husband, Earl Parker, died in 1939 of a heart attack. She lived alone in their farmhouse until age 100, when she moved into a son’s home and later to the Shelbyville nursing home

She’d been a widow since NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE.  Holy shittin’ petunias!


Me, I’m thankful that I’m not these idiots.  Getting drunk and having sex with a stranger in the men’s room while your husband is waiting for you at your stadium seats… that’s entering into “loser” territory.  “I was too drunk” is a crappy excuse and if her husband believes her… he’s quite frankly an idiot.

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