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Rightfully so…

Who can blame Bush?  I’d be pissed too.  Either Obama can’t hold his tongue or he needs to clean house of those who can’t take the job seriously.

Crap, normal people with Secret clearance are usually held to account, these folks ought to be as well.

From Drudge:

Tue Nov 11 2008 09:28:10 ET

Just hours after President Bush and President-elect Obama met in the Oval Office of the White House, details of their confidential conversation began leaking out to the press, igniting anger from the president, sources claim.

"Senator Obama would be wise to keep close counsel," a top Bush source warned.

"BUSH AND OBAMA AT ODDS OVER AID FOR AUTO INDUSTRY," splashed the NEW YORK TIMES in an exclusive Monday evening, quoting "people familiar with the discussion."

The two met at the White House in private, without staff.

"Bush indicated at the meeting that he might support some aid and a broader economic stimulus package if Obama and congressional Democrats dropped their opposition to a free-trade agreement with Colombia," claimed the TIMES.


The ASSOCIATED PRESS quickly followed with details of the conversation, citing "aides who described the discussion on grounds of anonymity, citing the private nature of the meeting."

Bush advisers view the leaks as an effort to undermine the president's remaining days in office.

"Senator Obama may not be familiar with a long-standing tradition of presidents holding their private conversations, private," a senior adviser explained to the DRUDGE REPORT.



And, who can blame this girl?  Good for you for sticking up for yourself.  More courage than a lot of us have – plus she hasn’t gotten a fair shake and is probably tired, too.  Poor kid.  I can’t see the grand design here.

And the damn nanny-state has to jump in where it’s pretty obviously not a case of “this is an easy way to ditch the kid”.  I don’t understand why authorities all the way around are incapable of using common sense.  To force that girl to do anything is cruel, even forcing her to “live”.

Girl, 13, Rejects Life-Saving Heart Transplant, Goes Home to Die

Tuesday , November 11, 2008

A 13-year-old girl is home with her family after convincing British authorities to allow her the right to refuse a heart transplant.

Hannah Jones tells the Daily Mirror she’s had enough of hospitals — where she spent much of the last eight years — and just wants to spend time with her parents, brother and sisters.

The newspaper is reporting in Tuesday’s editions that Hannah was about to be removed from her parents’ care by local authorities, who were insisting she agree to a heart transplant.

But the paper is quoting Hannah’s father as saying that his daughter convinced the authorities the operation wasn’t in her best interest.

Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 4. It was later discovered she has cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart.

According to the Times of London, doctors have warned Hannah that a heart transplant is risky and that, even if it succeeded, the drugs used to prevent her body rejecting the new heart could prompt a recurrence of the leukemia.

Hannah’s mother Kirsty, an intensive care nurse, and her father Andrew, an auditor, say they respect their daughter’s wishes and are angry that the hospital brought the action.

(source:  http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,449912,00.html)


Mike Baker on the Democratic wins – Presidential and Congressional.   Titled:

Click Your Heels Three Times Fast and Say Hope and Change


More Democrats eat their own…

Ouroboros, redefined…


At least they’re keeping their sense of humor.  Norovirus at Grand Rapids’ Hope College.

Also nice that the article’s author caught it… the humor, that is.

The Facebook page offers T-shirts for sale that say “Norovirus ’08” on the front and “Victim — The college is not being quarantined … students are encouraged to remain calm” on the back.

And one commenter, jvh679 on the webnews page said:

I heard yesterday that this was Bush’s fault. Just thought I’d save someone the trouble.

Response by LordRamoth:

yeah, i heard that McCain planted the virus provided by Bush…

Then, by  Griff10:

At least Bush found his weapons of Mass destruction!

Don’t know how/why of it, but damn is it weird. Sorry, but it is.  The offspring of an unholy union of man/giraffe – every bit as terrifying as mixing an elephant with a pig.  Although… I was under the impression that it was only the women that did this stuff.neckked

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Let’s just say that going blind spontaneously has to be terrifying.  Now imagine it happens while you are the single pilot (and only person) in your aircraft.  Wow.  Truly piloting blind.

Kudos to the pilot for keeping it together and the rescuer for keeping a level head, too.


How about that?  Nuke in a box.  Sorta.  Here’s a better link.  Sorta.

Now I’m waiting for some South Dakotan to start bitching and whining about how they’re going to put one of these next to some aquifer.  Or worse yet, air quality…

nuclear-explosion(yes, I know the reactor couldn’t do this)


Coverage was tilted for Obama this election?  Get the f*** out of here!  Really?

Oh don’t worry.  It’ll be ok.  Right?  Right?

obamadictatorship  (pdf document)

PDF’ed because you just never know when someone is going to wipe out printed or published news anymore.  Not saying I believe it, but it is how the ball got rolling historically.

(source:  http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iRxZox4GFoIweckPDP1oRhKBlHOwD94CCDU00)


Another example of what I mean when I piss off Cruel Wife by proclaiming “I have faith in human nature.”


This seems entirely possible to me.  I have an exceptionally keen nose and I can tell you that so far no two people seem to smell the same.

A few were hard to tell though, once they served me with a restraining order.


I didn’t know that you could charge an 8-year old with premeditated murder.  They certainly don’t have the faculties to truly comprehend what it is they have done so how could you charge them?


How come striking Al-Qaeda anywhere wasn’t already a standing order?


Let’s be honest… their coffee wasn’t good enough to justify nearly $5 a moocachino half-calf double-shot-latte with cream and cinnamon anyway.

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I have a co-worker who I call The Dude to protect his alter-ego.  Another co-worker who I shall refer to as The Half-Breed (he’s cool with that, as it is only the truth) had this wonderful little lexicon to understand politico-speak.  Before you get your panties in a wad I’m The Kranky Kraut.

First though, read this article to prepare yourself for maxismal enjoyment.  Hell, read this one, too.   Then read the lexicon and suggest your own!

Political Lexicon


1.) n. – A condition in which Democrats pound mercilessly on Republicans until the Republicans surrender and let the Democrats have their way

2.) n. – A spirit of cooperation in which Republicans let Democrats have their way without a fight


1.) n. –  A fictional concept wherein all of the negative or bad aspects of a governmental body magically vanish and are replaced with puppies and chocolate hearts

2.) v. – What happens to a politician’s platform once he wins an election.


n. – A condition in which Republicans pound mercilessly on Democrats until the Democrats call for a special investigation and try to have the Republicans removed from office


1.) n. – A Republican

2.) n. – A conservative Democrat


On a side-note…

Every single day, almost, I get at least a few hits on “Tiny Puppy”.  I don’t recall but somewhere I must have listed one.  Perhaps in one of my Korean recipes.  Anyway, since most people aren’t looking for recipes from the Korean cookbook “50 Ways to Wok Your Dog”, I will post this pic.  Don’t remember where I found it.  If it is yours, let me know so I can give you kudos for “Saccharine Shot of the Year (2008)”.


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UPDATE: Dick Morris – An Election the Republicans Needed to Lose – Good Luck Obama

Morris essentially has said (and I agree) that something warm and squishy is going to hit the fan and it might as well splatter all over the democrats.  If conservatives had to lose, this is the time to do so.


Many voters and supporters of Obama did so out of a sincere belief in the words “hope”, which they had plenty of, and “change” which they won’t see much of.

The hard reality is that the changes promised by Obama are outside of the comfort zone of many of the congressional members because of the current political/social climate.

So what will happen when these supporters don’t see the dramatic changes enacted to care for their every need?

Let’s look at Michael Bloomberg, Ruler of New York City.  Apparently everyone was to receive a $400 refund.  The concept of a refund sounded pretty good to many.  But when the realities were examined and the heavy breathing subsided, not only did the $400 just turn to bitter dust and blow away, the good mayor began to make suggestions of a 7%-15% increase in city resident taxes.

NYC residents are somewhat bitter from all accounts.

The same sort of thing is highly likely here with President-elect Obama.  He’s made many promises and people have looked at what he said he believed in and said “We like this!”  But, the money has to actually come from somewhere and there is nothing that leads one to believe that “sharing the wealth” will ever be anything outside of a pipe dream.

So then what?

At worst we would see cries of “Racism!” and “Partisanship!”.  Perhaps even “Conspiracy to make Obama fail!”

At best, Obama could be hampered by not only Republicans chastised by this election cycle (realizing that perhaps the party has strayed from it’s core) but by the so-called “Blue-Dog Democrats” who will insist on reining in the fiscally irresponsible excesses that have become the norm in recent history.

Not that this would be a bad thing.

But the end result is that large numbers of voters who are happy today and have invested so much of themselves emotionally in this election will be sadly disappointed.  They do not realize that the current state of affairs is far larger than the office of POTUS.  Giving people false hope in change is worse than giving them moderated hope that has some basis in reality.

It will be a rude awakening for many.


To lighten it up… Detroit … Obama Win Bittersweet for Detroit Residents Hoping to Riot

Detroit, MI – In a historic moment, yesterday Barack Obama was elected President of the United States by a sound margin and the streets of Detroit thusly remained quiet, much to the disappointment of many city residents… [more]


Today’s Globular Worming Roundup

The BBC chastising anyone not toeing the orthodox line on globular worming?  Heavens!


Let’s hedge our bets.  It’s a win-win for the hemp-wearing crowd because magic mushrooms could be helping with globular worming, too.

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President Obama.  Lots could be said.

Hey, I wish him well.  Hope he does a good job.  Problem is, I don’t believe in a damn thing he does, don’t believe him, and I don’t think he’s the right person for the job.  But he could surprise me – I sure hope he does.

However, should he prove to be a socialist demon, may the voters who chose him on election day get that which they so richly deserve.

Congrats, O… use it wisely.


Novak didn’t paint a picture that Obama wished for.  It gave me a tiny consolation smile.  It means we won’t turn Socialist overnight, but more in terms of a death by a thousand papercuts.


Not that I respect anything that comes out of Nader’s mouth, but this was worth a laugh.


Rabieeees!  Rabieeeees changes everythiiiiiiiing…. So you think you’re having a bad day?  The answer is to never, never, ever exercise.

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Be very afraid…

It’s not just Obama that scares me… it’s the idiots like this who think that Obama and the gov’t are going to give them all free stuff that really scares me.  The damn money comes from somewhere, you idiots.

Those are the idiots who are going to vote for Obama.  That is scary.


Apparently intimidation is only ok if it is a bunch of black militant guys doing the intimidation otherwise it’s disenfranchisement.

More hereAnd here.

Remember, there is no minority whether they are in reality oppressed or they have a feeling of being oppressed, that wouldn’t gladly turn the tables if the opportunity presented itself.  That is borne out time and time again.  Nothing special here because it is not a one-time occurrance.

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Wow, a new-age chastity belt.  Who’d have thought they would revive such an old favorite?  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go home and dominate my wife.


In other offensive news, we learn what Obama’s energy policies will really look like.  Feast on this.  I’m not sure if this is an appetizer or a main course.  More on that from a different source… may or may not be anything new it it that wasn’t in the first one.

Might just have been the appetizer… sorry to draw the parallel, but Hitler sounded pretty good to the Germans when he started out, too.

Hey, wait a minute… I thought this guy was unflappable…?

This is the kind of restraint and diplomacy that the world respects.


Good Lord, it wouldn’t do to have our plastics mixed with our papers now, would it?  So the latest in bomb-proof recycling bins is a must-have.

Note:  Yes, I know it is about terrorism but if the country would do more to keep an eye on the people that are the problem and less on all of its citizens then this would be less of an issue. That said, I’ll be standing by with the extinguisher waiting for flames to erupt.


In literature, the metaphor reigns but only if the author can write worth a damn.  Fairly safe to say that if the author is not at his peak he should avoid them like the plague.  Witness this:

In the distillery of the sky, the sunlight was a weak brandy.

Guess the author.  Big name, too.   Got it?  Ok, Dean Koontz.  You know, I appreciate his writing on some levels because the story itself is engrossing or the characters are particularly likeable.   But in his latest book his writing is a cheap 5/8 screw being ratcheted into a Chevy small block with stripped threads.  (his writing deserved a crappy metaphor at best)  The book?  Oh… The Darkest Night of the Year.  Mostly the book sounds like a platform for a pet charity for rescuing endangered dogs (get it?  pet charity?  oh, I slay me)

more later…  Ok, it is later now…
One Concerned Reader, who I shall not name… let’s just call her PNB for want of some name to put on this individual… PNB has declared her concern, to wit:

Hey LK, git yer butt away from Far Cry 2.
Your used Depends is starting to stink up the place.

OTOH, if tomorrow goes badly for our country, you may drown your sorrows and play all you like for the next 4 years.

Well.  I’m overcome with the depth of feeling and heartfelt concern just oozing out of that comment.

Yes, I live in fear of “President Obama”.  Yes, if McCain wins you probably ought to keep the powder dry and the weapons loaded because there would be an awful lot of self-professed peace-loving people out for blood.  It’s the ones that say “I’m peace-loving” that you have to worry about.  Much like the person that says “you can trust me”… the fact that they felt like they needed to say it says volumes.

But let me describe last night’s Far Cry 2 mission….

You are set in a small war-torn country where both factions have been given (sold) weapons by a mysterious (and nefarious, I might add) entity who goes by the name of The Jackal.  You are asked by one faction to go blow up a propane tanker at a trainyard but along the way you are also asked by your buddy to assassinate a Bad Guy at a cattle ranch swarming with hired thugs.

So you go down to the ranch and take care of business.  Then you go to the trainyard.  Do recon and spot the key points before doing a think.  You notice that an acetylene tank is near one of the train cars.  If you sight in on the nozzle and shoot it off the thing will shoot around like a rocket and flame everything within 30 yards as it goes.  Presto!  Instant diversion for the cost of one round.

Who WOULDN’T rely on Depends and forego all but Mt. Dew™ and Pringles™?

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